Bob Sagat's... thread


Hey guys, I guess I’ll just make a single thread for any SF art I wanna post here, so here we go.

We’re gonna start off slow with this Blanka cr.Fierce I did yesterday. I’m not the best at colouring and I don’t do backgrounds, but I like how this one came out. I was gonna do a more forced perspective at first, but I didn’t like the direction in which it was heading, so I simplified it a bit in terms of perspective, since the pose is weird enough as it is.

If I can find the time I’ll do more Blanka’s, since I’m really liking him right now for some reason, but we’ll see where this goes.


yeah i agree, the upper half of his body is great, especially his face! i like that it still has a cartoonish look even though it’s grounded in a more realistic style. the only thing that bothers me a bit is the size of his legs. they seem too small to me, especially his left leg. if i were to cover up his upper body, the legs look great but they seem to be in a different perspective than the rest of him. maybe if his waist was smaller it would help it fit with the perspective that his lower half has going on. just my $0.02


I like the closest leg personally, the other leg is too small, I agree. It’s probably a byproduct of my initial forced perspective approach.
I wanted his legs to be smaller and his arms bigger so he had a bit of a gorilla thing going on though, because he seems to have that in ST. I’ll be more careful next time.


I think this is great. Don’t think the rear leg looks funny at all. You have a very soft, organic quality to your drawing. Very nice.


wow this is great! I was expecting a collection of silly avatars though! haha


Where is Klaas, you unpatriotic piece of shit?:lol:


Yeah, fuck you too Task. :wgrin: I guess you don’t want any DS exclusives… :rolleyes:
Edited for this should be on the first page:*

Old, inferior version.
Meet Klaas. (Ku-Ra-Su)
At the surface he looks like a shoto-clone, but he sets himself apart with special moves such as his Windmill Punch, Burning Clog Kick and his super art: Weed Time Stop.
When he taunts, he throws a tulip, while saying: “Goot rotzooi.” (Guess what that means)


u win at art.


Alright, even though I should really be sleeping right now, I just got the itch and had to do this.

This is a quick, first pass rough of Bison’s Psychocrusher. I figured it was too short to upload on Youtube, so I made a GIF out of it so it could loop over and over on its own. There’s no real timing yet, but I hope it’s viewable on other computers as well.
Here are some stills from the sequence.

I tried to draw with emphasis on the movement and direction and am quite liking it so far, pushing his poses quite far. I didn’t start getting his hands right until I started breaking it down and adding some inbetweens, which is why the hands in the unpolished, undetailed third drawing look way better than the others.
I don’t know if I’ll ever finish this one and really clean it up, though it only took an hour to get this far, so maybe I’ll actually do it. I also wouldn’t mind adding some effects to this.

(In case any Dutch people -like Task- are reading this. Klaas/Kurasu isn’t forgotten. I’ve got a cool idea, but that’s a project that’ll take a bit more dedication than just a quick thing like this. Please be patient. :wink:)


Psycho Crusher is awesome. Jealous of those skills man. =)


That’s pretty damn awesome for an hour. It’d take me a day to do something like that. What field size did you work to? Great posing, love the keys. It makes me wanna do one too.


Oh that is some very cool animation. Best part is the smoothness of it all. Do more! Do more!


Very fluid animation!

I hope you decide to finish it!


damn, that’s really smooth looking! can’t believe you did that in an hour with tweens and everything. it’d be awesome to see that finished!


Who knew Danny Tanner had skills like that


Nice psycho crusher animation. i plan on doing Chun Li doing a kicking combo animation soon.


hey nice stuff you’ve got in here. Good job on the anim… I actually like the flashing effect it has right now.


Well, I guess I’m gonna have to finish it now. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the responses.

It’ll take a while though. I’m fast at roughing, but cleanup always takes ages. Also, I’m not an effects animator, so it takes a long time before I do something that I like.

As for the field size, even though I don’t see the significance of it, I don’t have the luxury of having a disk and a camera at home and I don’t want to do this at work, so I’m working on a wacom in TV-Paint. This rough is at standard PAL format, but I’m gonna beef up the resolution for the cleanup.

The flickering effect is because of the inbetweens. I only put a simple silhouette with very minimal detail in there, for speed, just to make the movement work.
Achieving smoothness is actually the easiest part. The problem right now is that this hasn’t been timed yet, so everything kind of moves at an even pace, making everything too flowy and soft. For the final animation I intend for it to have a little bit more snap.
Also, I’m gonna add a little bit at the start and the end.

Please be patient. :slight_smile:


:smile: Nice works Bob Sagat. You have great talent.