Bob the Builder's Traveling Mod Services


Do you need some mod work done on your stick, but don’t want to have to pay $$ for shipping costs and have to wait for it to ship to and fro? Do you want a dual mod done in little over an hour at a reasonable price? Then I’m your man.

I will travel to your tournament and provide dual modding services. I will do PS3->360 and 360->PS3 switchless dual mods for $75. I can do other mod services, but will need to know what is wanted done beforehand so I can be prepared.

The only three stipulations are:

  1. I’ll need a place to stay! I will repay you for your hospitality. I could give you a heavily discounted dual mod (I’ll do the dual mod at a no profit price), help you with setting+cleaning up your tournament, and/or bringing an extra 360 setup w/ SF4/HDR.
  2. I’ll need to dual mod more than just one stick! Traveling long distances isn’t cheap. Please make sure you can guarantee that there will be others who will want mod work done too.
  3. Your tournament must be within 9 hours driving distance. I live in Virginia Beach, VA. Its pretty much in the middle along the east coast so I can reach most of the northeast and southeast coast.

Current tournament designations

9/5/2009 | Greensboro, NC | Lucky’s September Tournament

10/3/2009 | Ashburn, VA | Va C3 “Road to SB4 tourney”

12/5/2009 - 12/6/2009 | Philadelphia, PA | Northeast Championship (NECX) 10 Year Anniversary

Previous tournaments attended

8/22/2009 | Philadelphia, PA | Summer Jam 3 | Results

Items for sale

PS3 Sixaxis Controller Boards (25 in stock)
$30 shipped : Sixaxis board + battery. Analog sticks removed and neutralized with 10kOhm surface mount resistors.