Bob Thread


Notable players to watch on youtube: Saint.
Some important moves to know:

Bob has one of the longest reaching jabs in the game so make sure to use it. His 112 combo is not as good as it looks. 1,4 only does 2 points less damage but leaves you at +5 on hit. (while 112 leaves you at -1) 1,2 has the added benefit of a 3rd hit used sparingly to keep them scared to attack back after they block the 1,2. If they block the 1,2, try to attack and get counter hit by the 1+2 ending you get a juggle with dashing d+2,3.

h,m “Stop crouching under my jab strings”

A nice d/f+1. Used mainly to catch SSR.

His main mid poke. Pretty fast (14 frames), moves forward a lot so it’s good at mid range. And it’s extremely good after you push them away a bit with a 1,4 or a 1,2 and have the frame advantage. There’s a 3rd hit that’s -12 on block (d+2,1,2) and use that to keep them honest once in a while.
On a back turned opponent (let’s say you predicted a netsu-tag and sidewalked to the back of the incoming character) you get the full d+2,1,2,2 for massive damage.

A safe CH only launcher that’s your main panic button if they don’t respect you. (As a Bob player you can’t “actively” get launchers.) Crushes standing jabs at a certain timing.

When you need a risky damaging low…

An extremely fast and safe SS attack.

His 14 frame ws launcher that’s horrible on block. I love this move but using it well as a whiff punisher instead of just a frame punisher takes a lot of experience.

Your best low. It’s somewhat slow but it’s still the best you have. Use at the ranges and situations you use d+2,1 to mix it up. Gives advantage on block.


The weakness of this string is that the 2nd hit doesn’t jail and hits high. Other than that it’s great. Use the safe 4 at the end to keep them honest 50% of the time. b+2,2 hits all the stupid low stances and raises them to a juggle.

"Don’t come any closer!"

The “Boblectric” was heavily nerfed from T6 (juggles only on counter) but it’s still a good get-in move because it’s only -1 on block.

It’s mid now, and seems to be a good get-in move. Seems really hard to SS it.

Used to make tagging in safer.

Learn your special juggles after this throw.

His slow hopkick gains a new use now as a tag punisher, because it moves forward so much.


What’s the best combo to go for after a b+2,2 pickup juggle?


The best that you can pull off consistently. (Explore in training mode, use bb+4 as starter.)


Slim Bob is a worse Bob. His arms are shorter which is kinda of big deal. He can do the same juggles, but they are much harder.

His throw doesn’t give you a juggle, but you can b+3 right after it for overall 48 damage.