Bobbing and Weaving Dudley!

Does anyone know about "Bobbing and Weaving " with Dudley?

I think it has something to do with his Dashes, but I am not sure!

Please post tips on the “Bobbing and Weaving” offense with Dudley.


There is no such thing as “bobbing and weaving” with Dudley. That’s some stupid term some dork made up for a style I think. Rushdown is rushdown and defense is defense and ya go between the two.

Although I’m sure someone will come in here with a description for you, LOL.

It’s like using the term “kata.” Come on now yo, that’s trying to hard to be cool:P

What’s with this particular thread and ppl trying to introduce their own lingo?


I am guessing he’s talking about, Dudleys Ducking Uppers and shit, if not your guess is as good as mine.

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either that or someone thought Rolling Thunder was a strategy instead of a super :smiley:

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It might as well be, the super doesn’t do much damage for a one-shot and it has less priority than a corkscrew blow, which is pretty lame.

Bobbing and weaving is a boxer term, GET IT??!~?!@!@!@12

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I’ll take a stab at this and try to BS as well as I possibly can!

how about, you do s.rh xx rh ducking -> throw. basic dudley tick everyone should know how to do, especially since it’s also a semi-link into super.

now, train them to expect the throw, then do s.rh xx short/forward ducking -> short swing blow -> super. The ducking will trigger their, “I need to tech!” reaction, and you counter by short swing blow into super. The short/forward ducking is used to make sure you stay just outside of throw range.

hey hey, actually sounds like it makes some sense! improv is great.

btw, this trick actually works, but it’s precisely that, a trick, and not something that is that huge a deal. It’s just 1 part of the s.rh xx ducking mind game which is a relatively small portion of dudleys entire game.


Hey, erco, your little thing about triggering their “i need to tech” reaction is the real deal :D.

i recently started varying the button pressed when Ducking after any of Dudley’s bufferable normals, i.e, standing/crouching MP, low LK, standing HK. The first time i did standing HK -> LK Duck, yeah, i saw my opponent attempt a throw, so i just Corkscrewed him out of it :D. That said, i think that’s rather risky so now, i’ll just do just as you suggested: Short Swing Blow xx super after the Duck confusion tactic.

Dudley’s so cheap

I gotta agree with you, man. “bobbing and weaving” dudley is pretty fucked up. And when I read what a “kata” was, I couldn’t believe that shit!

Apparently, kata = combo that you train to the point that it’s automatic

Well, fine, a kata in martial arts is a set of movements that you practice over and over again. So you might as well call it “automatic”.

But fuck, there’s a lot of things that are automatic in SF3. I always parry the last hit of the Hoyoukusen. Is that a kata?

And after I put my quarter in, I’ll always press start. That’s automatic. Is that a kata?

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That’s what I’m sayin’ LOL


One time because of the way I hopped and dashed around the screen, I confused a guy real bad. I hopped in his face 3 times and he didn’t expect it, so I threw him. It looked like this:

E=Enemy D=Dudley(read from right to left)


Dudley is just like a boxer. You have to use his dashes and feints to create openings sometimes. I think I know a series of hops and feints that work effectively versus every character. But I’m goin to see what they post abiut this “Bobbing and Weaving” Dudley! Do the Japs know? Will we see this at EVO2K3?

Peace Out!!!

my friend constantly dashes in and out to throw me out of my game. its real annoying.

it can also be used against wakeup

if someone is constantly throwing or using a super right from wakeup, dudley’s hcb+k EX is pretty damaging, and u can throw in a SAIII(i think its SAIII) afterwards.


You can super cancel from EX SSB, but it’s pointless. Only time i’m gonna do that is if they’re down to pretty much zero. It’s better to juggle/reset after EX SSB.


against Hugo or Alex:

  1. EX SSB -> MP Jet Uppercut
    2)EX SSB -> standing MP

If you feel like wasting more meter, just super cancel the MP Jet Uppercut :lol:.

Btw, the juggle/reset after EX SSB is corner only :D.

I heard APOC got’s a pretty good dudley. Could you give me some tips? One thing I heard was that if you do a standing roundhouse and the opponant parry’s it you can do the round house dash that he does and basically go threw anything is this true? Anyone may answer.

with my experience, if u can parry a roundhouse of any sort, your free to do throw, unless they super (except SA II i believe).

as for being able to dash through anything im not really sure i dont know enough yet

but i do know through experience if you use dudley’s standing roundhouse and someone blocks it, the blockstun will allow you to dash in without being poked for a small fraction of a second…

at least thats what i think

The command dash will go through high attacks…no invincibility frames. So a throw or a quick low attack will stop him.

I kinda figured that much. Thanx guy’s for the info.