Bobby 'Lil Loco' Garcia and Jordan "Vienna Hotdog" Bryan involved in an accident going to Evo


Those of you from the SoCal community or who were at Evo most likely already know about this. For those who don’t however, tragedy recently struck the community when the car that Bobby ‘Lil Loco’ Garcia and Jordan “Vienna Hotdog” Bryan were in was struck by a drunk driver on the way to Evo.

From the front page.

As mentioned, two GoFundMe’s have been set up. One to help Bobby’s family with funeral expenses, and another to help Jordan’s family cover his medical bills.

Bobby Garcia Funeral Fund:

Jordan Bryan Medical Fund:


Pinned so people don’t lose track of it.


Fuck man, This is really unfortunate. My condolences to their loved ones and I really hope Jordan recovers.


I believe an update on an eventhubs porvides more details about the story.


Let me get this out the way and say I truly feel sad for their families. It’s very unfortunate. But after reading the real story on eventhubs, the passenger should take action against the drivers family. Don’t know what made him not pay attention to the road but he almost killed the passenger. If I was a passenger in a car and the driver did this I definitely would make that party pay for my medical bills. This was not a drunk drivers fault. Pretty sure I’ll get flamed but the proof is there. We just don’t know what they were doing to distract them from the road.


Oh damn, I remember Vienna from back when I frequented the PxG stream. Hope he gets through this and gets well soon. :sad:


Pokemon Go seems like a likely candidate to distract somebody.


i only saw lil loco a couple times on stream. but hes image for some reason always stuck in my mind. prayers to his family. it really is painful to type this and yes i know it sounds corny idgaf.


More than likely, it will be an insurance matter @Jack_Frost Was in a similar situation and the option of going after parties was not one according to my attorney.


This doesn’t deserve to be in “best of” this should be in the worst of.


I saw the accident at around 3am on the 15 freeway coming from L.A. The scene was so horrific! It wasn’t until around 8am or so that I learned it was little loco and Vienna. Prayers to both of their families. It’s so upsetting to me when something like this happens. Again, prayers to both families during this rough time.


I heard about this at EVO.

A tragedy indeed…