Bobby's World (NoVA/DC Arcade)


i’ve just been selling pizza for like 2 bucks.

But I will be doing something around next weekend


sweet, the kofXIII cab came in


Am I the only one who was expecting this to be about a PSN/XBLA game of the cartoon?


no not at all. you’de be in a long list of people


ggs yesterday in cvs2. That was a crazy eagle custom. A-Eagle/Maki/Honda your new team?


Woah woah woah! Where is there a KOF XIII cab?!11


so is this bobby’s world still going on? if not where can I go to in the DMV area for some practice/experience? trying to level up outside of online play



yeah. that shit is gdlk. sick fri night sessions going on. much needed practice for tournaments the following day. also the new head to head cab is pretty gdlk.


Alright, first time posting on shoryuken! I am a Toronto Player that moved back to the states after university. I was excited ever since I moved back to Frederick to hear about this but now that I live in Gaithersburg (finally metro!) I’d like to come down and get some fiending at bobbies world. I play Guilty Gear #R/AC+ and 3rd strike with some decent skill (GG def my strongest as I used to go to tournaments for them and 3rd strike I just do oki bs and joke around with elana) but I’m willing to give just about any game a go, just point me along to the BNB. One question I do have… Are there any Ori control sticks available to play with or are they all American style?

P.S. I don’t drink or smoke weed anymore but I do have a useless degree in philosophy, so I can keep up with any odd or random idea you might have. rofl


shit,shit shit shit shit shit shit shit, is this stuff still going on?


Unfortunately Bobby sold all his stuff about a year ago so it’s just a shell of a good dream/memory. Plus us trolling and remembering the good times we had sessions here.

GGs in Project Justice last week though guys.


yeah and the holiday tourney tomorrow is still going on.

Remember to practice CvS2, winner is taking home the cab itself!

$5 entry, 2$ pizza.


cant wait! gonna bring shezmu cuz he said hes gonna take GG!!!


pre-patch marvel 3 matches saturday, practice that sentinel!


Practice what? XFC S>M>M>H>S>Rocket punch?

sounds tough.:looney:


you’re still alive??


wait, you gave away the CVS2 CAB?

Single tear…


I’m always down for Accent Core, just hit me up on Dustloop or in PMs.


With the forums shutting down we’re gonna have one last big thing, should be good


Sounds like a good time - I live in VA now, so the drive might be downright pleasant!