Bob's Personal Ad: A short overview of his style and team synergy



Howdy, my name is Robert Richards. You may know me as the star of Bob: The Bounty Hunter. No? Your loss, my friend. While Julia and I are still going steady, she has been so into her research ever since we found Pandora’s Box that I need to find some more training partners. After all, one does not simply get the perfect body sitting around all day.

I suppose I can start by telling you all a little about myself. Besides my dashing good looks, I am an offensive character who wins thanks to my blazing jump speed, high damage, long pokes, and large bag of tricks, most notably those that mixup. My favorite places include All You Can Eat sushi bars and just within range of my st.lp and far, where I can start my mixup games far from my opponent’s smaller, yet faster limbs. My Cracker can be a powerful AA if properly learned, allowing me to juggle opponents afterwards not only on clean hits but on a handful of trades as well. All in all, I am a fairly balanced character who can play either point or anchor proficiently.
Not everything is pizza and chow mein, unfortunately. While I can work just about anyone at my ideal range and possess a rather beastly c.lp that starts my BnB at slightly closer distances, I can have real problems against opponents that I allow to get in my face. My normals are all slow, my backdash is horrendous, and I lack consistent reversals, so unless I have meter to Cross Cancel or jet out of there with EX Special Step, you can stick a fork in me. And God forbid they get lucky enough to score hard knockdowns, I often struggle to get up against those that know their Oki.

Now you are probably wondering, what do I have to offer as a partner? While my inability to consistently deal with pressure without meter means I am safer as anchor, my range and various tools make me a suitable point, so I can do whatever position you are into.
Have a hard time getting around projectiles? I’ll be glad to help out. My good walk speed and excellent jump speed (tied for game’s fastest) can help inch closer the traditional way and the length of my pokes means I do not have to enter most AA ranges to be at prime effectiveness. My Giga Jacker can reflect projectiles back at the opponent, and if you tag cancel here my partner can run behind it to close the gap him or herself. Finally, my Super is able to punish projectiles (as well as raw tags) from fullscreen if you deem the meter usage wise.
I am very considerate to my partners, possessing several ways to tag them in safely. Long pokes mean long-distance boosts into launcher, and the virtually non-existent hurtbox on st.lp helps as well. Spiral Rocky functions like Ken’s HP Shoryu and if you have the meter, EX Giga Jacker can be TCed from practically any distance. If you want to go meterless, the K followup to Cracker can be safely raw tagged after it hits.
What am I looking for in a partner, you ask? Well the most obvious requirement besides being a good chef is the ability to deal with rushdown pressure, and possessing an invincible reversal would just be aces. If you use me as an anchor a battery on point ensures my defenses are optimal, and since I am strong at getting myself in compared to other anchors a footsie monster like Chun-Li or Balrog is not required. Zoners are welcome because I can carry opponents into the corner well enough and deal strong damage off a launcher, as well as the aforementioned raw tag from Jacker, giving them a full screen to work with. If I am on point, an anchor that dominates close-range is most compatible, and one that does not eat all of my meter. I wonder if the likes of old man Mishima or that arrogant tae kwon do kid could be useful…
Something certain partners can do for me is keep bad guys in place to set up my Granchi Loop. Largely a gimmick on its own, I can loop Granchi Cannon (100dmg) with proper timing. It actually becomes a tool I can use if I tag cancel into multi-hit moves that leave the opponent standing, such as Ken’s Tatsu, Claw’s roll, Hugo’s EX Lariat, and Law’s Shaolin Punches.

By and large, I get the feeling not a lot of people are using me. It is getting to the point where I am even losing weight! I am a balanced character with a great deal of unpredictability, made even moreso by how little most people know me. I hope this ad inspires some of you to start craving a perfect victory. If you want information, please check out the rest of my profile (last 2 months of main thread, Dollar Store Bob, footsie thread, and Dealing with Jab Pressure especially), and be on the lookout for my upcoming general guide and Mixup Specific guide.
I’d like to thank Nos99, Swoops, Darknid, Ryan Hunter, and the rest of this forum for discovering all these delicious tools. I’ll buy you a drink any time, as long as you buy the food.

Addendum: Jumping game.
So I can jump fast, what is so special about that besides having an advantage on slower-reacting players? My jumping game is pretty unique, so I wanted to cover it quickly here. First, I am able to control the angle of my jumps with ease: I have my normal jump, I can go lower by doing an attack at the start of my jump, or I can super jump much higher (most characters do not have any difference in their super jump). This leads to some horrifically ambiguous cross/fake crossups. Lastly, my Double Ciapatti is a two-hit aerial, opening anyone up who instinctively crouches after blocking a jumpin to avoid the low hit incoming.


Just had to log in to say I love that write-up! And it’s quite informative also.
(and thanks also to all the other Bob players who contribute/have contributed to this board, much appreciated).


Thanks a lot! I am planning to write these for every character, actually. I keep it relatively general because I want it to just be a smattering of information for people to get intrigued about other characters. For those I really know like Bob I plan on writing additional, much more intensive guides.

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Creative, informative, and friendly… Good work man! I’ll try to hit the lab with him after this lol


Lol, super fun write up. I like the idea of a general intro to get people to start looking at other characters and to keep an open mind when using them.

If you’re doing a similar type of thing for other characters, I cant wait to read how Blanka talks :stuck_out_tongue:


Hooray so many positives. Feel free to add anything important you think I missed, or an aspect i did not cover you think would be informative.

I cannot do Blanka for a long time, since I will not have game/dlc for a month. I am writing Paul right now, which I think I will enjoy by far the most. In fact, I am a little worried about putting too much schtick in it. Should be up by this morning, then I move onto King, Hwoarang, Balrog, and Bison (I’d like to do his as a recruitment brochure for shadowloo peons).

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And the only bob player that challenges ryan hunter isn’t even mentioned?! I have been by and large one of the biggest bob supporters/users and I feel insulted darknid gets a shoutout just because he relayed information that he aquired from playing with me and I couldn’t tell anyone on srk myself because everything I posted got “invalid message” for weeks… and… im totally not salty… or jealous.


Well I never saw you around before Leroy when I was Bob obsessive. Once I edit this baby you will be sure to be mentioned.

Speaking of which, you got a video of you as bryan/bob schooling someone on youtube now, if you were not aware.

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Really? Wow I guess I should try to make my way onto streams and such more often, and btw you say you never saw me but it was more of a “I couldn’t see you” as I haven’t been able to do anything on SRK even with multiple accounts for like 3-4 months.
I also felt kinda like I needed to post something about bob because I have been wanting to add to the bob forums for a long time now and have never been able to, so now that I can I should, currently working on a bob thread.


Btw I got a chance to see that video, it was actually kinda wierd, because I saw how much I have improved in just over 2 days, that video had me doing horrible bryan combo’s and improperly AA, whereas now I AA much more consistantly, and I maximize my damage much more.


This was hilarious :wink: