Boeltoshop Contest : Cleft Palate Baby

Hey guys, time to show off your skills with that manipulation of images. Our subject is gonna be the kickin baby that wikipedia has as its main Cleft Palate Hair lip child (Ima post the thumbnail cuz it is lollin unlike the full picture which can be found at and it looks like you can see the devil in his headhole.

Look at that king fucker, he is all “yeah so what I got a hole in my face what you gonna do about it” then when you get home from your shitty job you find him fuckin your wife raw.

There aren’t really any hard fast rules here, besides compliance that we will probably all go to hell. Anything that makes this kickin infant badass/gangsta will probably score extra points.


ME , I am in the end the be all end all of what wins as I am frontin the sweet sweet prizes, I shall have two advisory judges though, Valaris and Du Fugitive to keep my brain in check in case I get too retarded

Stealth edit, turns out the baby is a chick, who cares

1st Prize : 30 bucks of something at Amazon, I’ll need you address
2nd Prize : This shirt, will need address also don’t be stupid fat

Lameass 3rd prize : 6 months o premium

Do not want. (to participate)

I’ll start.




this is just too horrible.

I completely support your moral outrage.

…Free $30 for me.


I may have to take a crack at this in the morning. How long do we have?

Lets say a week starting from today, so Friday the 2nd is deadline

i dunno how to use photoshop -____-
but i still want 30 dollaz or prem :o)



Why have you forsaken #us?

#We miss you, werf.


I fixed her

this thread is fucked up

I have zero photoshop talent.

Probably no one will [media=youtube]8RXSVS-dfxI[/media], but:


Lmao, a Bodies reference could also be lollin to me

I think I see that thing in my dreams

wtf… Only on srk… :sad: