Boise Street Fighter 4 RanBats

Current Standings:

Season 2
1st: Acllaim (32)
2nd: elemenopeez (18)
3rd: BG (10)
4th: eyeDK (6)
5th: LottaMercy (4)
6th: Rob (1)
6th: Ramon (1)
8th: Big Zack (0)
8th: Bryan (0)
8th: PolarBear (0)
8th: regfox (0)
8th: Vega Copperfield (0)
8th: Mr. Vec (0)
8th: JDeezy (0)

Final Standings Season 1
Champ! eyeDK (32)
2nd: LottaMercy (32)
3rd: Bowflex Mike (30)
4th: Baby Grenades (23)
5th: Ramon (22)
6th: JDawgzX (15)
7th: Toodles (14)
7th: Acllaim (14)
9th: Mr. vec (12)
10th: elemenopeez (10)
11th: Miles (5)
11th: Legend (5)
13th: Ivar (1)

Next Event - Sat August 28th @ 3pm @ Big Damage Arcade

Monthly Results

August 7th 2010, 2.4

I gotta say I really dig the round robin style. I feel a lot better about this format for a scene our size. Also I feel like it does a lot more for my game and general match-up knowledge. Until we can get 24+ people I see this as the best way to keep our scene sharp. Big shout out to ramon for being the catalyst for this. 

With the new format and rules in place everyone was excited to get the ball rolling. BG had the luxury of playing Acllaim and elemenopeez in his first two matches. He came up short in both but he manned up and went on to a second place tie with elemenopeez. BG fought hard in the tie breaker but again couldn't get it done. His third place finish pretty much guarantees him a spot in the season 2 finals. Mr vec showed that even though he doesn't play a lot he is not to be taken lightly. He came close to some serious upsets. Acllaim won again, we all have to play smater to end this reign. Acllaim is certainly not going to let up or give up anything for free but he is just another guy who can be beat in the end. I gotta take a second to put bear on blast. Guile seems like a better fit for you and I am impressed at your progress. Stay with it and play smarter. Gym Rat, good to finally meet you! That's crazy you and ivar used to play back in the day. I look forward to having you come out every saturday cause I have to lock down that boxer match-up ;)

With ssf4 in the books we fired up hdr for some old school flavor. I think people were actually shocked that Acllaim won this one. I thought eyeDK was gonna take it. It seems like eyeDK just has this thing where he can't push Acllaim and get over the hump. Perhaps next time. I really enjoyed this one and look forward to doing it again on the 28th.

Today was also the day a very important and very serious bet was finally settled. Several months ago there was an unexplained third strike frenzy that came over a few of the boise guys. The bet was simple, ramon would train kris and ian would train me. Pupils would fight and losing team buys winners dinner. The third strike flair up came and went with the bet being unsettled. The post-evo hype lull seemed the perfect oppurtunity to revisit third strike and the bet. We would play first to 5. It started off pretty even, we split the first 2 games. Then the pain train started and kris wiped me out. This particular bet is over but the war has just begun....    

 Best title fight ever. Still speachless. I love mma.

Full results---->

[]Acllaim (Dictator, Seth)
]elemenopeez (Blanka, Juri)
[]BG (Abel, Vega, Guile)
]LottaMercy (Sagat)
[]regfox (Rufus, Viper)
PolarBear (Guile, Blanka)
]mr VEC (?)

[]Acllaim (Vega)
]eyeDK (Ken, Dictator)
[]LottaMercy (Sagat, DeeJay)
]elemenopeez (Boxer)
Gym Rat (Boxer)
[]BG (Vega, Ken)
]PolarBear (Blanka)
mr VEC (DeeJay)
[*]Josh (Sagat, Ryu)
Seasoned Frys (ken?)

July 3rd 2010, 2.3

[]Acllaim (Dudley, Dictator, Random)
]elemenopeez (Blanka, Random)
[]LottaMercy (Sagat)
]BG (Abel, Vega)
[]Vega Copperfield (Vega)
PolarBear (Blanka)
]Rob (T.Hawk, Juri)

June 12th 2010, 2.2
Lots of new blood for the summer. Very pleased to see some growth in the scene and it looks like this is just the beginning. You’ll notice a name missing from the top 4 if you follow the Idaho scene. In what is my biggest blunder ever running a tournament I pushed the start time back too far and in doing so elemenopeez was unable to compete. I am sorry Kris. I feel like that ump who blew the perfect game call. However the show had to go on and a good show it was. Ramon had a hat filled with like 7 characters and drew from it every time he was at the select screen. His all around solidness and no fear under pressure(or ever) propelled him to 4th. He likes to hang out and hella goof off but he is also one of the best players in Idaho. Ian again breezed by most of the competition until he ran into Rahim in winners finals. He just didn’t have enough for him and was sent to losers finals where the real magic happened. Coming off of victories over myself and Ramon, BG was all business going into the match with Ian. In probably the biggest upset in Idaho street fighter history BG took it down 2-1. Rahim picked Dan to show off in the finals and was up 2-0 when BG got one. Rahim switched to Dictator and finished him off to win 3-1. Next one will be very interesting. Can BG maintain a top spot? Who will beat Rahim? Is Ian done playing? Will regfox learn the Vega matchup :wink: ? Time will tell…

Also best UFC viewing ever afterwards, soooooo much fun![LIST=1]

[]Acllaim (Dudley, Dictator, Dan)
]BG (Abel, Vega)
[]eyeDK (Ryu, Ken)
]Ramon (Adon, Fei Long, Sakura, Makoto)
[]LottaMercy (Sagat)
Big Zack (Boxer, Sakura)
]Vega Copperfield (Vega)
regfox (C. Viper)
[]Bryan (Boxer, Akuma)
Rob (T.Hawk)
Mr. Vec (Zangief, Guile)
]PolarBear (Ken, Blanka)

May 8th 2010, 2.1
The super opener proved to be quite good. The tone has definitely been set for this season and I have a feeling there is only one person who is happy where they placed. The scene is growing and everybody will be gunning for that top spot, you better believe thats what I am doing. That being said a congratulations is in order for Rahim. He put on a clinic winning both the new character tournament and the ranbat. May your reign at the top be short and sweet :arazz:. Here is how it all broke down:[LIST=1]
[]Acllaim (Dudley, Dictator)
]elemenopeez (Blanka, Boxer, Dictator)
[]eyeDK (Guy, Ken)
]Rob (T.Hawk)
[]LottaMercy (Adon)
BG (Abel, Vega)
]Bryan (Boxer)
Ramon (Cody)
[*]Big Zack (Boxer)
JDeezy (Chun-Li)

New Character Tournament
[]Acllaim (Dudley)
]Ramon (Adon)
[]eyeDK (Guy)
]elemenopeez (Juri)
[]LottaMercy (Adon)
BG (Ibuki)
]Bryan (Cody)
Big Zack (T. Hawk)
[*]Rob (Juri, T.Hawk)
JDeezy (Juri)

June 1.1
The inaugural Boise RanBat went pretty well I will post links to the matches we recorded soon. Unfortunately one of the best Fuerte v Bison matches ever played will go unseen. You had to be there. Here is how it turned out:[LIST=1]
[]Bowflex Mike (Boxer)
]eyeDK (Ken)
[]Ramon (El Fuerte)
]Toodles (Rufus)
[]LottaMercy (Sagat)
Acllaim (Dictator)
]Baby Grenades (Claw, Boxer)
Miles (Akuma)
Props to eyeDK for taking down the random tourney.
If you missed it come to the next one.

July 1.2
Got some more great footage from this month that will hopefully go up soon. Lot of crazy ass matches. Sorry you had to dip so soon Rahim but we are all glad you made the drive man, hope everything turned out ok. here are this months results:[LIST=1]
[]Bowflex Mike (Ken)
]LottaMercy (Sagat)
[]Acllaim (Seth, Dictator)
]Toodles (Sakura)
[]eyeDK (Dictator, Ken)
Baby Grenades (Claw, Boxer, Sagat)
]JDawgzX (Chun-Li)

September 1.3
The one that no one knew about i guess still had a good showing though. Good to finally get vec out here to represent. Mike tried to pull a fast one and win with a third character but I made sure to shut that shit down… Only to then have my shit shut down by the return of Mr. Masters. Lots of mistakes on both sides, hrere is how it went down:[LIST=1]
[]Bowflex Mike (Akuma, Ken)
]LottaMercy (Sagat)
[]eyeDK (Ryu, Sagat)
]Ramon (El Fuerte)
[]Mr. vec (Zangeif)
Baby Grenades (Sagat, Ryu)
]JDawgzX (Chun-Li)
Legend (Ken, Blanka)

November 1.4
Glad to see the new blood do so well(not really :wgrin:). Biggest surprise in my opinion was just how well Ian played, good shit bro. Ramon coming hard with Fei almost upset Kris early. I like the new character pick up, keep practicing with him. Thanks to everybody who came out all season, Next season will be cut thoat for sure and we might go to a different format. Stay Hype![LIST=1]
[]elemenopeez (Blanka, Boxer)
]eyeDK (Ryu)
[]LottaMercy (Sagat)
]Ramon (Fei Long)
[]Mr. vec (Zangeif)
Baby Grenades (Claw, Abel, Sagat)
]JDawgzX (Chun-Li)

Season 1 Tie Breaker
Great set of matches with Ian. We decided a race to five wins would decide this seasons champion. It started off close, trading games on the first four leaving it 2-2 going into the pivotal fifth game. As you can see for yourself( I don’t pivot so well. Ian was simply the better fighter. Looking forward to next season!

I fixed it for you.

Ya its a shame really but there will be more great matches. Looking forward to the next one for sure. I don’t think my seeding can get any worse lol.


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Next Event - Tuesday July 28th @ Ivars

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Videos all came out great but for some reason they fucked up when posted to you tube. Like all the other videos i have up they are .m2ts files and have changed nothing in how i upload them so i don’t really know what the problem is.


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