Bojah VI: Deployment Sux! Sept 22nd - PSL, FL

342 SW Molloy St.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34984

For anyone who cares or whatever, GF’s, Wives, etc are welcome too. They can go swimming or something if they want. Whatever. Everyone can stay as late as they like, AceSmith says his house is a Party house. This shit is going to be FUN!!!


Ya so I’m going on a 7 Month Deployment ( I’m in the Navy as you know ) over seas like to the middle east and stuff, so I’m not gonna get to game for a while so I wanted to go to some kind of Tourney before I left but there are none. So, I’m gonna hold another Bojah here in Port St. Lucie, FL :wgrin:

GAMES ( Times/Schedule )
Registry Begins at Noon!!!
CvS2 - 1pm SHARP!!!
GGXX:AC - 2pm ( $70 added to Pot so far )
Third Strike - 4pm ( $50 added to Pot so far )
MvC2 - 5pm

Each game will be $5 entry and RyanTheRobot and Mexiwont said they’d add some money to the pot of a few games and I’ll see what I can do about adding some money too (Tryin to get a decent turn out).

I wanna get this thing going by 1pm so I can spend some time with my New Pregnant wife.

I’ll get the address later today and edit the post, Thanks and hope to see my Florida Boys there.


No support!

No Love!

troy is my hero so i’ll go and support dem troops!!!

Sweetness! Can’t what to see ya again Cakes.

awesome man, im comin that weekend, gotta mop up the floor with your face one more time before you go out man :tup: i’ll see if i can put some extra up for the pot as well.

Sweet man, It’ll be good to see you again. Can’t wait to Rape you :wgrin:

your game better be as good as your aim…speakin of, congrats on fatherhood man:looney:

gimme a call if you still got my number man.

Sign me up and i’m takin money matches

Me -vs- Peter $10 RPS - accepted

Me -vs- CalmWarrior/David you can pick CvS2 or 3S fried chicken bitch lets do it! - accepted

Me -vs- Alex Walbert’s Feet in CvS2 for $10 - ?

Me -vs- Cakes: I will only take your bet if you’re present and have the cash on you since I probably won’t see you again so post up a serious dollar amount if you want to bet on Cakes and I’ll figure out how many I can back and for how much.
Cintron: $15 - accepted
D: $20 - you really gonna show up? if so accepted

People who have said they’ll back a bet on me:

I’ll try not to be a bum for one day and show up. =D

Sweet I’ll take Money Matches in GGXX:AC!

I’ll make a list of my Money Matches.

People names games and Prices and I’ll say YaY or NaY!

Yo Ryan is Leland coming?

i called him to try and make sure, he told me he’d probably come down the last week of september but im gonna try and convince him to come to this with me

oh alright, cool!




Peter you better be coming…So?

Oh and call you out in Halo since you think you beat me. Halo 1 or 2 you choose…Also you can choose Map.

But other then that you better be coming cause Flash draws crowds, lol!

Throw that rock I fuckin dare you bitch

he is quite the comedian, isn’t he

give that nigga his own show at the improv

I already told flat out told you my strategy and you are still gonna lose

im telling you right now im throwing rock the first hand

3x paper or 3x scissors never lose. trust me

alright, ill drop a bill down on 3s, so theres another 100 for ya troy going 50-30-20…sound good?

you down for a 20 dollar mm ryan, or did that internet courage run out???