Bokkin/Carlos Needs a ride to and from the airport

Hey everybody…I didn’t want to make a new thread but I didn’t see a place for this…

Also I was looking through shuttle plans and thought that I’d throw this idea into the Seattle people

I need a ride to the airport (SEA/TAC) tomorrow, March 19th leaving my place at 8:00pm

I will also require a ride back from the airport (SEA/TAC) Thursday April 1st at 10:10pm

I was thinking $35 per trip in case it’s different people driving

my # is 248-762-5194 call me or PM me for details and address (for an idea I live 2 miles north of the Bunker in South Everett)


If no one else steps up, I got you Bokkin.

Alright…I know some people are hurtin for cash recently so I figured I’d try to throw my business to not so random people…plus to park it would’ve been $200-300 and a shuttle would’ve been the same I’m offering…

Hey Carlos, where are you going? I was going to ask you for a favor and play me a few matches online with your Akuma in the next week or so, cause Im going to Japan for 2 weeks, yet I have yet to find consistent competition for Akuma online…

Where would you be getting picked up from?

I could probably do this as I have no job or set schedule requiring me to be anywhere… Only thing is my truck is a truck and doesn’t have a trunk or anything. So unless you’re a crazy light packer you’ll have to put your bag(s) in the back. Could lie one of me gravel bags in the back on top if it’s light and you’re worried it’ll fly away.

FlashKick I would’ve been more than happy too but I will be without xbox for the next 2 weeks myself.

Thank you everybody who offered at the moment. Elias I don’t know if you’ll get this but Frank stepped up if no-one else would if you could be my ride and Frank would prefer that then by all means lets do it. I do need to leave my place t 8/ 8:30pm latest.

Frank/Elias let me know soon please!

Thanks Again!

I want to take you for a ride?


^^ have a safe trip bokkin. I look forward to owning you as usual in April.

^I look forward to your April face of surprise and sadness…but thanks for the good wishes…

Also…Zach…Are you confused as to if you want to take me for a ride…because you need to make a decision…lol

Awesome SRK…database error…

Bokkin I talked with Elias, and it’s lookin like I’ll take you there, and Elias will pick you up on Apr. 1st.

Goddamn your newbienesss. But on the realz have a good trip.

So wait, are you going to be training in SF4 The Bride - Kill Bill style nonstop?

I get the Marvel reference Pablo…jeez I’m new but not retarded…

and Mikail…What? I’m just gonna take some people’s money

Oh, I was just wondering if you’ll be playing SF4 wherever you’re going, that’s all.

In any case, have a nice trip, and we’ll see you later.

^oh probably if I can get some time away that coincides with the Michigan people’s time…

I do plan on getting plenty-o-free wins if i do though =D