Bold cancel teleport challenge



I found out that you can teleport with stinger by using bold move, but I can’t get it down. Can anyone you help me?


You can find a lot of information here:

Read up before posting too many questions; a lot of the time, the question has already been asked and answered somewhere in the forum, especially in the relevant character subforums.

Stinger bc teleport is done this way: :f:+:h: xx :atk:+:s: xx :d::d:+:s:. Alternate way that might help you: :f:+:h: xx :d:+:atk:+:s: xx :d:+:s:. If you need tips on actually executing this, just post a comment on the Dante general discussion thread. Don’t create a new thread altogether.


I use the ps3 controller. What does f and d mean?


I assume forward and down (on the d-pad or joystick).


You must be on a mobile device, the f is supposed to be a forward arrow and the d is a downward arrow.


It simply doesn’t work. Dante just teleports a short distance, sending the other character flying to the other side of the screen rendering any followup impossible. I have been practicing this for months with literally no improvement whatsoever.

How the hell could ANYONE call this easy?!


I practice for about more than a month. It was really hard. If it helps you do bold move right after the stinger