Bold canceling...harder than it looks...or easier?



So practically I picked up dante due to the fact that they made his specials easier to input with just a another button press. however the main thing I have to master like any dante is the good old bold canceling. So practically I’m at the point where I can get stinger into bold move, the only part in which I can barely get/keep messing up is the following command. Now in the Braddy guide it states that you can just enter the command then “S” then the actual button press for the command and it should work. The other option is of course entering the full command after the bold move within the first couple of frames. Either way both of these are pretty hard to me due to the fact that it involves super fast commands within super little time. Any sugguestions?..which one would you do if your a dante player?..the full command or the shortcut?


I do the full command since that’s how I taught myself in vanilla. I can’t get the shortcut to work for me anyway so the full command ins easier for me.


I do the full command. It took me about an hour to master it, so just keep trying. Eventually you’ll reach a point where you actually do Crystal more often than an empty bold cancel. Do you play on a pad or a stick? I think pad users would find the shortcut much easier, while stick users find them about the same. Could be wrong, though.


I play on a hori stick


Then I would recommend doing whatever feels easier. For me, it was the full input.


If you plink S~A for the bold cancel shortcut, then the button presses must be on consecutive frames. If you’re familiar with sf3 kara throws, mvc2 claw triangle jumps, or sf4 plinks, it’s like that. Don’t think of hitting S~A as distinct actions. Drum the buttons almost together but not quite.


I just do the full thing since its amazingly easy enough to begin with. It doesn’t require super fast commands at all. It may just seem that way because you are new but its pretty easy.


Do the full command. Using the plink S method makes the cancel unnecessarily difficult as it reduces the window to 1 frame of leniency as opposed to whatever the startup is for the move you’re BCing. Sure it’s more inputs, but it’s more inputs over a huge amount of time as opposed to one input that needs to be timed in a stupidly short period of time.


im sorry i must have read the guide part of frames and pink commands at least a million times but it is not something simple to understand…what do you mean exactly by “plink” and how am I suppose to tell what frame I’m in with stinger/bold move?


I do the normal motions. It has a large window to do it. Just stinger hold forward as soon as stingers animation starts bold cancel and do next move right after. you just have to cancel on stingers beginning animations. Thats how it works for me. Like others said practice and it feels like tons of time to bold cancel when you get it down.


I do the full animation. Took me about an hour to get bc into volcano down. After that, bcing into anything was super easy.


Bold cancels are piss easy, just practice them for more than 5 minutes and youll get it down. Dont do any dumb shortcuts.


Plink isn’t even the right term, I just thought you might recognize it if you were familiar with SF4. And don’t worry about the frames, they’re just a measure of timing and I was trying to explain how doing the regular method gave you extra time to do the BC.

Anyway, just follow what it says in the guide and what others here are saying - say, for Stinger into BC Volcano, just do :f::h:, immediately tap :atk::s:, then do :dp::m: before Dante jumps. With a bit of practice you’ll learn the correct timing, it’s not difficult at all once you do it enough times.


i dont know what I’m doing wrong?..I’ve been at it for about 3 hours now…i can get stinger into cancel bold move…but I cant input the command to cancel from bold move fast enough…and the main reason is because I feel like I have no time to do it. I do :f: :h: then cancel into :h:+:s:, then I try to cancel into :dp: :m: but it seems like I am inputting the command 2 slow because he just does bold move. Am I doing bold move too slow?..I dont know =(


You are being impatient. You are new to FG’s ive seen your threads before. Shit isn’t going to be easy and it might take you longer than the average FG player to get something down. Just keep practicing… you might also want to stick with the easier characters and get them down totally before you advance. I wouldn’t recommend Dante to any new player. If they really wanted to play him I surely wouldn’t recommend any BC combos.


I would except I dont quit =) and I’m new to the fighting community but not to fighting games, I came from dead or alive and guilty gears, this is just my first marvel game. I understand that dante is not a good character to new players but I always go to characters by feel and I felt a connection to dante while I was looking for my three…I’m sure you would understand that. =p


During the time that your pressing :atk::s: make sure your already doing the :dp: on the stick. i hope that helped, for i too did not realize Dante would be such a technical character but i am too attached to him not to have him in my teams.


I know right? Everyone was calling him a scrub character pre-release. Dude had to be one of the most technical characters in vanilla. Thank God they changed the rekka inputs, that shit was just so unnecessarily difficult[:dp: :m: :dp: :m:, but don’t do it too early or u don’t get the OTG, SCREW YOU!!!]


thats because he did too much damage with his scrubbiest bnb that didnt include the usage of the otg / cold shower. thanks to them making it easier he ended up becoming my best character in ultimate so i anchor him now while hes my assist character too, good shit. For some reason if you catch someone with a random reverb shock>firework into super youll feel as if his damage wasnt really nerfed from vanilla


I learned to bold cancel from watching my inputs on the screen (training mode and turning on input display), but just doing that until I got timing down when to bold cancel after Stinger and input the volcano.

My input on the screen look like this: :f:+:h:,:df:, :d:, :df:, :s:+:atk:, :f:+:m:

Even though this looks sloppy, the volcano comes out 100% of the time, unless I do :db: accidentally then crystal ( :qcf:+:m:) comes out, which somehow still combos and nets me some frame advantage.

Only thing I had trouble with is the timing. Once I got that down, bold canceling everything else was easier.

It only a matter of practice, hard work, time and tears. Salty ones at that.

I hope this helps.