[Bolivia] Bolivian Battleground


La Paz city, 51002 LP - Bolivia


Bolivian largest and most important fighting game community. We were one of the official twelve “International Road to Evo 2013” countries outside the US in 2013, approved by SRK.

We’ve developed deep roots and brotherhood relationships with our country’s own Saturday Night Fights tournament series.

We’ve got monthly majors and strong ties with the most important FGCs around here, as well as a strong partnership with fellow country Chile’s own Video Game Masters (VGM) FGC. Our national partners include: UMvC3 La Paz Bolivia, UMvC3 Bolivia, MvC2 Bolivia, Street Game Players, Pac-man Gaming Community Bolivia, Smash Bros Bolivia and many more small communities and groups of people in almost all of our country’s main cities.

We’ve also got multiple weeklies that include UMVC3, SSF4AE, SFxT, Divekick, SSBM, MK9, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and a bit of KOF XIII. From time to time we pay homage to classics like Super Turbo, Killer Instinct, MvC2, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Smash Bros and UMK3. We also support speedruns and time attacks in different games. We support all kinds of competitive gameplay. Any game gets a chance as long as a vocal minority of the attendants push for it. There’s no entry fee. Players of all skill levels are welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to the best FG community/tournament our country has to offer.