Bomb XX orbs?

I remember there being an old thread on this, but apparently it no longer exists.

What’s the timing/setup/uses/general things I need to know in both executing and strategizing with said setup? I’ve been working my s/d as of late, but the bombXXorb was something I could never get down.

Shoultzula’s post from 2006:

some bomb insight + strats

If you throw a lk bomb then a fk bomb, if you compare the time it takes to recover from each, you’ll notice that the fk bomb lets you go faster. The bird that drops the bomb has to be off the screen for strider to recover. Thats the little visual cue letting you know you can move. Unless you bomb orb. Im just talking about bomb by itself.

  1. When the bird is on the bomb it cannot be destroyed.

  2. When the bomb has the parachute around it, this is the time where the bomb can be destroyed. By anything really. Projectiles, AA’s, certain hit boxes like storm fp or magneto fp,rh,lk. Thats just naming a few.

  3. Explosion sprite: This is the bombs best feature. It cannot be fucked with and strider can really use it to his advantage. Throw a bomb and when you see the first frame of the bomb explosion pause the game. Then keep on hitting pause till it starts slowly going away. Those last few frames where the explosion sprite is going away still counts as a bomb hit. You have at least 2 seconds of explosion hit box on the ground to cover strider with. Depending on your position, you can use this explosion sprite to xup. I always call doom when I go for this particular xup. If the bomb hits, lp fp into rocks orb. 40-50% depending on your chip pattern. If they block the xup, doom is chipping from the other side so just orb and trap.

bomb tricks:

if the bomb hits and you super jump they fly higher.

double jump as bomb hits and they fly higher than strider will.

if you jump over them as them bomb hits they’ll go flying high.

Since most AA’s stop the bomb, jumping a little bit in front of the bomb and blocking takes away those aa’s chance to stop it. Strider block sprite obsorbs those hits and you can still keep the bomb.

if you jump over BEFORE the bomb hits, it gives them a real short bounce. You can dash under this for a cheezy broken xup.

the fk bomb exactly travels 1 full screen. You can manipulate this to bring back strider midscreen bomb from mvc1. Havent played that game in a while buy I’m sure he had a midscreen bomb.

whenver you kill a character they bounce. If your full screen and kill a character, throw the fk bomb before the dead body hits the ground. As early as possible. Youll be released out of bomb animation before the next character comes in and you can do 50\50 with the bomb. THe easier 50\50 is just to teleport as the come in, double jump lp lp fp rh. Big damage.

say magnus is mid screen and strider is on his side of the screen. Call doom fk bomb activate. If you happen to trap mag, the bomb is going to be behind him here. DONT TRAP. Just make sure your on him and dash towards the bomb. Once hes near it do your 50\50 + overhead for something big. The bombs explosion sprite has a pretty decent range and you can use that range to xup too. Gives it a little deception.

once the opponent gets hit by a few bombs, theyll be looking to get away from it. Usually by jumping away. The explosion sprite is on the ground for a considerable amount of time. More than you think it would. If you throw a fk bomb (no orb) and they jump out. Follow them and do light fierce. Youll smack them right into the bomb does about 40%. Thats damn good for a counter hit. You can lose that air battle but w\e. This a real screen dependant combo. If you do weak weak fierce for FS, you risk the chance of smacking past the bomb. I recommend doing weak feirce. They bounce and still could walk into those last few frames of the explosion sprite.

both bombs are good for defensive purposes. The lk is better used for defense to counter into offense. It covers strider perfectly if you can time it right. The fk bomb lets you setup offensive chains better but it can be used for defensive purposes too. Mainly for escpaing but sometimes you can use it for defense.

The combination of using the parachute and bomb sprite gives strider about 5 seconds of a floating hit box. Use that shit to your advantage.

once you let your opponent know you know how to use it, the next step is to throw it then not use it. All you want to do is make them respect it. You do that by throwing it safe and abusing the fuck out of it. Throwing the bomb that one time where they’re scared to try something lets you get out of some nasty scenarios.

hope that helps