Bomberman Blast (Wiiware)


Anyone played this yet? Only out in Europe at the moment but freaking awesome multiplayer fun! So frantic!

I believe Japan is getting a non-Wiiware version today with a story-mode in addition but all the multiplayer and online features are still present in the Wiiware version and really, isn’t that what Bomberman’s about?

You can play up to 8 players on one console (4 players with Wiimote and 4 with GC controller) or 8 players online (up to 4 players on one console and 4 players online). As always this game uses the friends code system.

Still trying to figure out how to set the Gamecube pad to player 1. If anyone figures it out let me know.


I was wondering if I should have bought this game


I’ve played the game. It became available here in the US on the 29th. There’s also a tournament & sweepstakes coming up. Here’s my review of the game (which I also posted over the Hudson forums).

So after spending a few hours on this game so far, I can safely say I like the gameplay better than that of Bomberman Live.

I’ll start off by saying that while I like playing with the D-pad in Bomberman, both the Wiimote’s and Gamecube’s d-pad is much too small. My thumb sits over the whole thing.

I love all the different gameplay modes. I think they should’ve added a Panel attack aka Zombie mode.

The levels overall are better and are more creative than Bomberman Live’s levels although some of the level specific anomiles (such as the UFO flying around, or the zombie hands from the graveyard) are too powerful or random. Again, it’s a nice creative change though. I love how Pressure Blocks aka Sudden Death is handled in this game. It comes in many random variations (like it did ala Bomberman Land) to make the last few seconds of the game very interesting and less predictable.

The items in the game are nice. I like the fact that even while there is dangerous bomb, it does not get crazy large like it does in Bomberman Live. I still disagree with Power Glove allowing you to hold bombs indefinately but it seems that that if you short fuse a bomb, pick it up and throw it, it won’t explode immediately (eg: the fuse timer resets). I love the addition of jelly bombs (I’ve always said that Bomberman Live should’ve had that). Seems this game doesn’t have kick stop either (as it should be). Customizable weapon setups is also a great feature.

The point feature is a good addition to the Trophy (Win) feature. Sometimes I have to wonder about the point distribution but it nice knowing that it covers the fact that some people just sit in the corner and win by default (aka doing the least amount of work) and it adjusts for that, so they may not necessarily win overall. The point system is also great in King mode seeing as it’d be pretty lame if the person who had the crown at the end (as in the last 3 seconds of the match) won.

My biggest gripe of the game so far is the online menu setup. You only have two options, Friend Play or Ranked Matches (I’ve only played the latter). With Ranked matches you don’t have the option of searching for game and it basically does a “quick search” which sometimes takes up to ~2 minutes. Then on top of that, you have to wait another 2-3 minutes for a match to end so you can join. Bomb dodge is nice and all for the first few times you play, but it gets to the point where you quickly want to join in an online match but you have to sit there and wait. So when all is said and done, you may be waiting for a total of 5 minutes or so to join a single match. This got old very fast.

I think they should add an Unranked match setup or something where you can choose from a server list of games going on (pretty much like in Bomberman Live). You should be able to look at the settings

Another thing I noticed is that there is no Team Play online. I searched for it but did not find such thing. I think this should be changed. Again, I have not played Friend

More indepthly, I don’t think you should be dizzied with a bomb hitting you on the head while you’re standing ontop of another one. Even Bomberman Live had this correct. The bomb should continue to bounce to the next open/free spot.

So overall the game is good and actual game modes, items, levels are better than Bomberman Live. I just think they seriously need to work on the Wifi Play menu setup. I just want to be able to either search for games or join current rooms already setup and not have to wait ~5 minutes to get a match going. I’m sure there will be some patches fixed and all and look forward to them.

I’ll give it a 7.5-8.0 out of 10 as it stands right now. If or when they fix the whole online menu thing, I think it’ll be deserving of close to a 9 (for perspective, Bomberman Live is a 7.0 in my book)


is it as good as saturn bomberman tho


It’s as good as Saturn if we only talk about local play. Since we can’t compare Bomberman Blast to Saturn Bomberman for online play, we have to stick to other recent online Bombermans like Bomberman Live. I must say, the more and more I play this game, the more and more I seriously get annoyed by the damned waiting time. It gets to the point where you’re waiting 5 minutes just to get into a game, and just when you think it’s going to start, you either get disconnected or someone leaves so you have to go through the WHOLE process again. Or how about the waiting time between matches (between the 1st and 2nd game) for everyone to look at their score. And to think I was impatient with the 20 second timer between rounds in Bomberman Live.

Really, after the “new-ness” wears off and if they don’t update the online menus this game’s online play is going to be severely lacking. Bomberman Live will be better than it.


Sounds like you’re saying only the local playing modes and playing with friends online are worth the purchase of the game?


Well considering the game is only $10, the 8 player local mode (w/ teams as well) or friend mode already makes the game worthwhile. Especially as a party game. All I’m saying is with the online play you’re gonna have to have a lot of patience with it, shortcomings and all.

This is the 2nd part of my review which I also posted over on the Hudson forums.

Hmm, the more and more I play this game, the more I seriously get annoyed by the waiting times. I thought Bomberman Live was bad enough when it first came out with the 2:00 timer between rounds waiting for everyone to press A to continue (thankfully they updated it to 20 seconds - but still left the 1:00 timer on the final win screen) but Bomberman Blast takes the cake.

As I said before, you sometimes (today a lot) wait for 5 minutes to get into a game, but then on occasion just when you think it’s going to start, the game then disconnects or someone leaves making it shut down. Then you have to go through the WHOLE process again. :rolleyes:

Let’s not even get into the waiting that you have to do between battle 1 and battle 2 when everyone looks at their score. If someone is looking at their score more indepthly (by pressing A and choosing their or someone else’s player) you have to sit there and wait on them too. There’s a 50 second timer at this screen. Then there’s the waiting at the final win screen waiting for the next round of 2 games to begin. Better hope people don’t leave or you’re in for another wait.

This game’s online play seems to boarder that of MMOs in the fact that you have to set aside loads of time if you want to just play a few games. You do more sitting/waiting than playing. That is definitely not what Bomberman is about.

As far as the whole casting a vote to choose game mode and level. It should just take majority vote but no, it takes a Random pick of wait was voted. The only time it should do this is if there’s a tie. The timer on both of these screens (Game Mode and Level) should be 10 seconds each.

In my first post I wasn’t so harsh on it because of the “newness” factor the game had and I was just happy to finally play it. But the whole sitting around and waiting forever quickly erased that newness factor and started to make the game more annoying than fun. If no changes are made, this game will probably slump below Bomberman Live as far as online play goes and that says a lot when you consider what Bomberman Blast has to offer as far as actual gameplay goes. At least in Bomberman Live you can sign on and either quickly join a game, search for a game then join, or create your own. I mean is Nintendo’s online not capable of handling such easy functions as that? Good grief. Local play however is still great.

Also Air Raid should not show the fire paths on the ground. It’d be more exciting if people had to use more judgement in that mode.


Well, the tournament is over now. The results are as such

1st: Ven
2nd: Brian
3rd: Nintendude
4th: Tanner
5th: Rob
6th: S.G
7th: Siavm
8th- Hudson^_^ (the host)


Where was the announcement on this tournament?


Check post #3 of this thread. It’s in the first line…


When’s the next one gonna be?


Probably never… At least for Bomberman Blast on Hudson’s part. Don’t hold your breath for one this year. The next tournament from them will probably be on the release of Bomberman Ultra for PS3.


I almost got this last night, but opted for “Secret of Mana”


Secret of Mana!

Also a “multiplayer game” so it works! lol

Anyways…Bomberman is great, but no single player campaign kind of sux.

Oh whelps.


havnet played it yet D=


Bomberman Blast

When I saw this I wanted it (so did some other fans)! I play it, its fantastic! Bomberman gameplay at its best! You can even have 8 player offline or online games! just keep those Gamecube Controllers handy.
So discus, swap friend codes…
my code is: 5198 5136 4991
This game is a gold mine!

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I don’t know which one I played but it fucking sucked. An item where you shake the wiimote and get a SHIELD? A SHIELD IN BOMBERMAN? Where you just block bomb blasts? Fucking stupid. They just turtle in the corner and block bomb blasts all day. Stupid stupid stupid.


Anyone happen to have this as well as the xbox live version, and could tell me how they compare (features + people online)? I have the xbox live version, and am considering getting the wiiware title as well


Are there any that good? We still play Sega Saturn one to this day. I was hoping there would be one close to it. What do you think Ven? I was looking through newer Bomber mans right quick, and the xbox one looked pretty cool. I saw the wii one, then i saw that if you get a kill from the outside you get to re-join? Hell nah…


I just picked this up today. Haven’t played it yet.