Bomberman Live -- out on Wed July 18!

Who’s going to be playing this game?

I will be getting this eventually. <3 Bomberman

I never been that good at Bomberman but I have nothing else to do. I’ll download it tommorrow.

anybody wh wants to be blown to hell add me!:wgrin:

Ill add you when I get home Epidemic.

Gamertag = SynikaL 2k4.

Anyone lookin’ to play, add me.

I’ll be lookin’ out for you Specs.


ok nice…im gonna get the full version when i get off work today

My tag’s in my profile.

adddd mee

A few observations about the game so far:

  • Dangerous Bomb + Full Fire is SICK. :wow:
  • Some of the more random special arenas are fun but kinda ghetto, like the ice arena where ice cracks can randomly fuck you over.
  • I like power-downs and skulls on the field. I prefer the power-ups/downs to be burnable, but the skulls to be fireproof.
  • The default view sucks IMO. I like the fourth view (angled higher, zoomed in closer). It’s smexy.
  • Having to unlock costume options is hella ghetto. :tdown:
  • The game probably wasn’t worth 800 points, but it sure is fun. :tup:

The game is generally too slow paced to live up to the Saturn/SNES Bombermans. The Punch/Kick animations and the Remote Bomb are especially painful.


Good game. Definately worth the 800 points.

yea this game wasnt worth 800 pts but, i need to waste points someway right?
fun game none the less.

Oh fuck off. Remote bomb was nerfed for a reason and you’re just nitpicking bombkick/punch.

Paint Bomb mode alone owns Saturn Bomberman for free.

I think people who say it wasn’t worth 10 bucks are crazy.

Tons of stages, tons of modes, online 8 player, camera support (!!!), an amazing character customization mode…

IMO it’s worth 20$. Add a single player mode with a story and co-op ala Saturn Bomberman and it’s a retail worthy release.

I don’t even have a 360 and never played BML but it HAS to be the best game since next gen has been out. :rock:

when i see you online im gonna explde you to hell in bml…Believe it:badboy:

Guy, what did I tell you about responding to me? Get off my dick and suck a fat one.

I don’t like those features. LICK MY ASS you trolling piece of shit.


And I don’t give two shits why you think the remote was nerfed. It helped the pace of the game achieve a level more to my liking. Don’t like opinions? Exit the fucking internet.


now now…dont get pissy:rolleyes:

add me yo.

  • xbl gamertag: Chibi Death