Bomberman Multiverse Thread (Genesis, SNES, Other): Online Battles & Live Streaming!


(…SRK should have been the first place for me to check for general interest in Bomberman but w/e - Live & Learn)

Been getting heavy into Bomberman again as of late (Mega Bomberman specifically), and we’re currently looking for players who want to join in on the retro insanity.

There’s an IRC channel setup for arranging matches and such (see links above), but I’d rather have ppl express their interest here first before joining the channel as it is a very small chatroom and 99% of the ppl there idle ALL DAY. For the most part, it’s usually myself and two other regulars setting up a 3man free-for-all or a 4man if we can manage to hunt down an available player w/in our contacts.

At the moment we’ve been mostly playing Mega Bomberman (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive) but have intentions to explore other titles (such as Super Bomberman 5) once a semi-regular group has been established.

To anyone reading who may interested, again please post and if you’re having trouble setting up, PM me or post up and we can assist you w/ the software if needed.

Currently Using:
**Kega Fusion 3.64 **
**Mega Bomberman (USA) **

~Bombs Away!

We also stream the blowups! Check out for achrives


Unless you use this, I am not interested.


YES! oh god yes i love bomberman!


Cool! We’re going to try and setup a rendezvous at around 9PM EST tomorrow (3/21). If you’re down for a set, just post up and we’ll get back to you on contact details.

It’s likely we’ll be streaming again so be prepared to get blown up in front of an audience! The format we’ve been using lately is:

Mega Bomberman

3 wins/trophies completes a game
First to win 3 games wins the set
Start on default stage
Winner of a game chooses the next map (trapdoor stage banned due to pink louie bug lol)

Usu. after a set we either call it quits for the night (because w/ 4 good players, a set can last well over an hr) or we intermission before starting another set if people are salty enough for runbacks.


Damn this had completely slipped my mind, when are you guys playing again id like to get in on this though ill be horribly rusty so don’t expect much lol


This thread sure brings back memories
Best Bomberman game i’ve ever played.

And there was Bomberman 64 and Jetters too which were… different.


Bomberman Generations for gamecube is pretty fun also.


What’s the best Bomberman game?