Bomberman Thread

To make Airthrow’s topic a little more official, basically we can find and post times when we can all play against each other, and if possible, we can have a tournament. I prefer Super Bomberman 3 on ZSNES.

I wish there was some sort of way to play Saturn Bomberman online. That didn’t suck.

Jesus, that game was awesome.

wish i was good at this game =). its pretty fun but tends to get boring for me pretty fast. but still awesome if i dont overplay it.

anyone ever played this guy -=Abrahm=- or something at bomberman on zbattle? hes crazy.

Sega Netlink

dreamcast bomberman was great.

The bomberman editions on the snes were great
I also have Atomic bomberman for the PC
IT ROCKS!:tup:

Dreamcast one was nice but didnt have enough of the cooler items, if it did it woulda been perfect >=(

Despite popular dislike, the first N64 Bomberman was pretty good… IMO, the multiplayer was on par with the previous games in the series(Not easy), and the single player was light years better.

Unfortunately, the later N64 Bombermans made the retardamadid mistake of taking out multiplayer. Lol, wtf?

One of my fav franchises of all time. Bomberman Saturn is pure gold. I was just playing Bomberman V super gold pack or something or other on SNES emu and it was good. Grew up playing SNES bomberman, mega bomberman on genny, saturn b-man, etc. Great, great series.


So does anyone want to take on my bomberman genius, ZSNES STYLE?

Super Bomberman 5 > Bomberman 2 = Bomberman 1 > Bomberman 3 > Bomberman 4


Pick one so I can fuck you up in it. :karate:

How you think SBM4 is the WORST I will never know…

cause those animals are fuckin GAY thats why

sure lets go ill be done makin dinner in 10 minutes

The animals are dope!

i got molested

LOL you did ok, you are new to SBM4, we will play some more Magnifico, good games.

I am the greatest bomberman player on SRK…maybe the earth. :badboy:

Saturn Bomberman > all other Bombermans… 2 for SNES was good tho, I didn’t even know there was a 3, I’ll have to check that out.

Bump. :sad:

Many SBM games I have for Zsnes have color glitches. Is this normal? I prefer SBM2 over the others, though. I’d be happy to play you on ZSnes(What version do you use? I haven’t played on ZSnes online for year. =/)

I haven’t played BM for years either. But hey. Why not. =)

1.36 at

I haven’t seen any color glitches…I might be able to help you though, talk to me on AIM.