"Bon Voyage!" A new combo with super/launching potential?



After fooling around a bit ingame, I think I may have gotten it.

sLMHS jMMHqcfS (s.S) sjMMH qcfS/Dark Fire/TAC

It’s not the most damaging combo, but i’m thinking that an assist like Unibeam could extend the Bon Voyage version, but it would take really precise activation because the opponent wont WB after a second launch. At the part that I put in (these), you have to delay it and either:

-Walk forwards and catch the wallbounce (if your not in the corner)
-Catch the wallbounce from inside the corner

This is just because where the enemy ends up after the first “Bon Voyage” and where you are varies greatly from where you start. Due to this, I recommend starting from center field.


I cant see why would you use this combo.


The more tools you have, the harder you are to read. I guess it could be used as a mind trick, or just using the part after the initial launcher as a combo extender.


Please make your life easier and just use the common bnb every other firebrand uses.

P.S after the bon voyage, you can dash to either side to make the catch much easier.