Bon Voyage Frequent Flyer Miles Glitch



In the lab here with our favorite KREE KREE KREE

Manage to find something. If you do a second Bon Voyage in your combo (pointing midscreen from the corner), then immediately Lumenize and DHC into another hyper combo, the opponent will go into the spin state as if they were popped up again!

I was able to Lumenize and DHC into Hyper Sentinel Force, xf, wavedash up and S, sj, j.S, land and L Rocket Punch OTG super. It was glorious. ‘TT’

You combo makers should try doing something with this! Also, even though it’s probably more well known, cr.H xx Bon Voyage in the very, very corner turns Firebrand around.

Edit: This probably isn’t gonna do much good for it’s cost without a really good followup combo that builds lots of meter (looking at you, Zero) or new technology for Lumenized assists. Get moving!

The Firebrand Mix up/Reset thread

I bet you could DHC into Amaterasu’s slow hyper, hard tag back to Firebrand, and maybe do some kind of loop, like Ryu can do with L tatsu or Deadpool can with Quick Work (maybe using Demon Missile L/M? Or the slide -> fireball loop without having to burn X-Factor? Who knows).


Ooooooh this sounds fun, I havent touched Firebrand in awhile and wouldnt mind taking a look.


I smell frank DHC shenanigans incoming.


I cannot get this to work… is there a vid on it?


No, but what I did was (watered down) LMHS ^ MMH bon voyage, wait, bon voyage, Lumenize Body as fast as possible and DHC into Hyper Sentinel Force. Test that.


Sounds like a ghetto dhc glitch and by ghetto I mean really ghetto


Actually works. If you can find a long enough Firebrand combo that leaves you with two bars you can easily level Frank up to 4+.


why not dhc into ammy viel of mist then hard tag to frank and take pics?

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Maybe it was just me, but it didn’t seem like Ammy’s Mist super slowed them down that much. Plus I don’t know how good of a team Firebrand / Ammy / Frank is.


Does it send them into a hard landing?


It’s easily one of my favorite Frank leveling strategies since you don’t have to risk being caught by your TAC direction.

Also, yes, it does work as a Hard Knockdown. It’s great for characters like Dorm who can set you up for unblockables with Stalker Sphere (But you probably knew that).


wassup bro I played against you yesterday with my shitty firebrand doom and ammy team lol


Oh yeah. Those were some good games. You really got me in the last few with dat Doom.


Man, i’m loving the level of firebrand technology that’s been rolling out this year. He’s getting more and more interesting to play as time goes by. Can’t believe i didn’t catch this thread sooner. Guess i have to lurk harder. Will test some things with this later.