Bon Voyage

With EVO 2 days away, I figure some ppl will be either leaving today or tomorrow, so I just want to say good luck to those that are going, go crazy down there and try to win money in any way you can!

Good luck to everyone going! Bring a title back home!

Man. Get that money niggas!


Good luck buddies. Put it down for our region. Most importantly have fun, enjoy the experience.

Good luck to everyone! Northwest represent!

If you lose… don’t bother coming back.

j/k guys. Have fun down there. I wish I could be there with ya.

Good luck everybody and have fun!

best post.

Good luck to all attendees. Remember that you’re representing the NW. In the name of salmon, coffee, microbrews, alternative music, and heroin, make us proud.

G’luck to all who are going.

P.S. to Zach:
… can you get your programmers to get Vista to stop sucking so much? lol… I’ve got a couple things that I’m not sure if there are fixes for, so I’ll shoot you some questions on MSN and see if you know anything about them.

Take care SRK, I’ll reappear soon… I think.
Good luck to all!


Yeah, hit me up after I get back (Monday) some time. I know multimedia very well and am learning the shell. =)

Good luck to everybody going to evo have fun!