Bonchan + the Evolution of SSf4 Sagat



Well then. Here we are , November time in the world of SSF4 and half a year after the release of nerfed Sagat. There have been a string of Sagat players emerging , some good, some pretty bad , some ( or one) amazing. After 95 % of previous Sagat users dropping him , including Mago ( THE sagat) , there was alot of doubt on how effective Sagat could be at high level . Alot of people noted that the nerfs coupled with the already very well known matchup gave Sagat a huge disadvantage , as well as it felt like almost all the new cast designed to deal with Sagat in mind the most. ( Dudley at mid range , ibuki vortex, Adon …etc.) Even Alioune dropped him , and his sagat was god.

To date a Sagat has not yet won a Major tourney in SSF4. I know Sanford won guardbreak with him but he mixed it up with other characters too. The first of the beginning bunch of sagats emerged on youtube, sunset01. Formally known as " RF" in the vanilla arcade world , he proved to be a solid sagat with a unique style , almost reintroducing the rushdown sagat . [media=youtube]WeDCcuRkdVM]YouTube - sunset01 [Sagat] vs takahirex [Dhalsim[/media].

RF was good , and being one of the old school grandmaster Sagats he is still good. But he lacked the composure looked for in high level , often playing wrecklessly. Which we all know in this game simply cannot be done.

( Edit i learn now that sunset is actually NOT RF , i assumed he was either ojisan or Rf because of the purple pants. my bad)

Next in the line of top Sagat contender was “AFG” , or “Piyoppia” another Japanese Sagat to emerge in the top Rankings and racking up wins left and right. But unfortunately , while he does have a solid Sagat , he is less impressive then RF and alot more risky. His mashing uppercuts have pretty much became his trademark, sections of his videos look like he’s using turbo sometimes, but no hes just mashing that hard. Call it a bias or whatever u want , but he has bad habits , and while he does show sagat does still have good comeback potential, he does not show the solidness and spacing, also the patience to be effective at tournament level. [media=youtube]1QxNVqVO1IE]YouTube - AFG [Sagat] vs papatiwawa [Guy[/media]

On the PSN side we have 2 major Sagat players that stand out. The first is Nanakun. Another ex Sagat vanilla player ,he is a balanced mixture of sunset and AFG in my eyes. While his ability isnt as good , his reading of the game and fireball game is second to none.Very good sagat but has yet to prove it…

Now the PSN Sagat that stands out for me. Gatikun. Only a few rare videos of him have surfaced , but just from those his ability is plain to see. This is the Sagat that opened my eyes at first. Spacing on point , fireball game top notch , punishing and combos, frame traps. His Sagat is a beast plain and simple. Set ups for safe jumps after back throw and TK, he shows how effective they are.This kid came out of nowhere.[media=youtube]9FZDxFFyf-w]YouTube - [SSF4[/media]

And he would probably be the guy to show how good Sagat could be in SSF4 , if it wasnt for…


[media=youtube]4RUY21SSCAo]YouTube - Daigo [Ryu] vs Bonchan [Sagat[/media] V Daigo

[media=youtube]jOzs_Y0f73k]YouTube - Eita [Akuma] vs Bonchan[Sagat[/media] V Eita

[media=youtube]Mc_7PNtbWPk]YouTube - Mago [Fei] vs Bonchan [Sagat[/media] V Mago.

Ill let those videos speak for themselves before I start with Bonchan. Single handedly Taking out 3 of the gods of SSf4 , emerging out of absolutely nowhere , ranking up to 20,000Bp and 6000 +pp in the space of about 2 weeks. Let me introduce …Bonchan. The way this kid uses Sagat is remarkable. I remember Daigo being at SVB and playing him , and watching some of my friends play him ( RMZ) etc , using Sagat. Now , u need to understand that while Daigo is amazing, the Sagat players who fought him where far from scrubs.But the way Daigo destroyed these sagats one by one was like the match up was engraved in his soul. There was NO beating this guy using sagat , I mean i seen Ryan hart beat him using Dhalsim , I seen starnab beat him using fei long.I even saw a cammy player beat him , BUT there is NO beating Daigo in ssf4 using sagat , infact until this video I dont think I ever saw ONE sagat beat him in ssf4.

Not to overhype daigo… but damn. Bonchan is on a different level . He makes the Akuma match up look in favour for sagat. Eita destroyed Alioune at the Masters tournament and that was in vanilla when eita and daigo told him themselves he is below only bonchan and mago for Sagat in sf4. The patience , the spacing , his understanding of the game. Sagat IS tournament viable , Sagat CAN be a beast again. And I dont think any of us needed Bonchan to step in and tear it up for us to realise this. He even beat Mago’s fei long , but that shit needs a run back , fei long v Sagat in this game is deep, I would love to see a first to 10 of that shit ( godsgarden)?

But yeah, back to the point. Hate to admit it , but Emblemlord was pretty much correct when ssf4 first came out. Sagat is STILL a beast . Angry scar IS basically a gimmick which I havent seen any of the high level players use much except for sunset01. The shit just needs to be stepped up, he is a tournament viable character , and I hope to see Bonchan invited to the Godsgarden tourney as the worlds best Sagat , and see how far he can go.

What makes Bonchan so much better then the other Sagats ? What makes Bonchan have the ability to shut down the players who usually steamroll him? How is Bonchans Sagat different to his Vanilla Sagat? Answers im still looking for… TBC

The king never died , he was just finding himself.


Sagat is not worth using in this version.
Either play him in SF4 or play other characters for fun while waiting for AE


Very good write up and read

Makoto and sagat kinda remind me of each other in this game. They both have potenial but the things that hold them back really hold them back. And if you give them what they should have they’ll be way to strong…

I’m not sayin sagat is trash tier but he has to work really hard in alot of his matches to compete competively.

For what he does you can play another character that does it better. Zone/dp/agressive/ trutle aka Ryu, sim, any shoto, guile. He fails into that wierd area of being ok at everything good at nothing.


I’m getting goosebumps


Interesting post and good collection of match vids.


This write up in itself was godlike! good shit man :slight_smile:

not only have you introduced me to the world of Bonchan, but I wanna take my sagat game to another level, seeing that everyone has dropped him, and you barely see any “Sagat Purists” win big tournaments :stuck_out_tongue:

Sagat & Juri till death… or until Karin comes out :wink:


And to add to this amazing writing, that bonchan makes the c.viper match up seems somehow not that hard
Please watch all the sets to see what i mean…


Ryu does not have better zoning, dp and turtle. and he does not rush down very well either.

(AE)Ryu got nerfed to the point that he’s not really worth playing, he has to work so much more.

/my opinion (ryu main since sf4)


lol how can anyone take this write up seriously? It’s obvious the OP is either trolling or a serious scrub that gets tick thrown and jumped on all day.


The Sagat behind sunset01 is not RF, he is known as ??(SEILIN) a GM vanilla player.
And owner of sunset01 is his elder brother (Master or GM? Blanka on arcade vanilla), both plays mainly arcade in K?chi Prefecture,
SEILIN played with that sunset01 gamertag for a while in his brother’s house just for fun, this is why there aren’t any sunset01 Sagat replays recently.
SEILIN also posted some comment at Japanese SSF4 boards that he gave 360 to his friend and kinda semi retired SSF4, he mentioned that he might play casuals with Abel or Dan there though.

I heard RF is on PS3 but not sure since I don’t own PS3.
As for Bonchan, he moved to 360 last month, he got tons of PPs from his friends like Daigo, Eita etc and slaughtering. Rumors say he will attend next godsgarden or similar tourney which Gama(known as GG announcer and the guy behind NSB) is planning but who knows.


Oh boy, you guys take things sooooooo seriously on these boards.


What a ghey thread.


Very nice write up. After beginning to play Sagat I can definatley tell he does really need to work for his wins now which makes him a respectable character.


the thing that makes sagat suck is that hes fucking boring and his meterless damage sucks balls. fuck as, i need vanilla damage on my tu.


bonchan is good but no need to dickride


good read. especially the first half


Great shit bro BONCHAN’s Sagat is to rise again! :woot:

Btw: Bonchans had a famous sagat since time in sf4 man he diden’t come out of nowhere he has always been able whup some ass.

How he wins is simple he just blocks. just watched the video with daigo he was daring him to jump! but for 3/4 of the match he refused and when the only time he jumped he got him

go to hell! MAGO that traitor! :frowning: :arazz:


He said ssf4. Thats a sf4 video.


This is delicious:

[media=youtube]S99Ib8FOWfo]YouTube - [sub[/media]


That was awesome to watch. Did you all see mago bust out sagat on that rog in Calgary. So beast