Bonchan: "USF4 Sagat is super weak!"



Bonchan: Well I’ve persevered with Sagat ever since vanilla SF4. However, today I want to loudly proclaim, “USF4 Sagat is super weak!”

Tokido: With the overall recovery frames added to his high tiger shot, it seems like his matchups against Guile and Dhalsim are extremely difficult.

Bonchan: Exactly. Sagat’s greatest strength was the ability to freely switch between the speed and strength of fireballs, which he can no longer do. In that sense it will be fun discovering a new way to play Sagat, but using him is clearly a long and difficult journey.


edition select thrown in next patch cmon already then everyone can stfu and play the damn game as they want already. Capcom cmon you waiting for 50th aniversary?