Bonerine/Sent Strats

ahhhhh, the ridiculous usefulness of Sent+Bonerine…
I will be posting some combos here, so if you have ne, feel free to contribute, um always willing to learn :slight_smile:

And 4 what it’s worth, big props to Joe Za Za, one the Wolvies brightest innovaters, hope u post some new strats over there!

First off, if u didn’t already know, everything useful coming from Boneclaw’s assist is an otg :bluu: Not guaranteed, but with unlimited potential

Basic Sent/Bonerine combo:

Jump (call bonerine), J. fk, (assist connects, opponent falls) dash fwd, c. lk,, s.j., lp, lk, mp, rocket punch.

U culd also just use fp instead of rocket punch bcuz u have to time the air combo a lil’ betta.

Riskier combo:

Enter flight mode, (call bonerine), (assist connects, opponent falls) fly forward, fk, air HC

This one can be useful to do sum damage and DHC if need be.

HSF combo

Jump (call bonerine), J. fk, ( assist connects, opponent falls) dash fwd, c. lk, rocket punch, HSF

I like this 1 cuz u may be able to launch into an air combo or HSF infinite or DHC out.

I’m still kinda new at this, so i’ll post more as I learn

C’mon ppl, keep Wolvy alive; not an easy task, edit that CAPCOM!!:lol:

Wolvy/Sent launch combo

Here’s an experimental one with Bonerine on point:

c.lp,, S. fk (Call Sent Ground type), s.j., lk., float above opponent, dive kick over them…

…this is where it gets experimental…

  1. if drones connect after u land b-low them, s. fk, s.j., lp, lk, lp, lp, air throw (or whatever combo u use, but thats just the one I like best)
    explicit, i’ll finish later…:bluu:

2) If they land and block the drones while standing, of course u culd dash over and land,, c.fp, f. berserker barrage, BBX.

Worst case scenario is that they block the drones in the air and land blocking low, but this can be a very useful addition to your arsenal of Bonerine/Sent combos.

…well, I see people have actually viewed this thread! Maybe soon sum1 will actually respond :lol: :lol:



to tell you the truth i would like to get good with wolvie too,
I wish i could see some zaza matches myself, I heard he had a good gambit too, I quit gambit cause I couldnt do any thing with him…:frowning:

I heard he got at soo pretty hard with double wolverine and gambit, wish I could see that match.

Ps: can wolverine hold his own againt sentinal okay?
Does he have some type of infinite on him as well?


Oh yeah: Since im probally not going to change IM/DOOM,
I was thinking Bonerine/IM/Doom.

I figure doom will help wolvie rush down.

And since wolvies assist hits low, tri jumping with IM , in theory becomes an unblockable. right?

Hope I get some feed back, later…:slight_smile:

You won’t learn by seeing the same matches over and over again.

If you want to learn Bonerine, play Wolverine first. He’ll train you to have the mentality you need to be good. Then, switch to Bonerine and play with his goodies.

And don’t pussy out and switch to Sentinel if you lose a lot.

WolvyakaPatch: Unfortunately, Joe Zaza no longer posts on SRK. He’s too busy turning away game trade-ins at GameStop, where he currently works as an assistant manager.