Bonus Movie on AE for Xbox?

A week ago, I ordered AE for Xbox online. It arrived new, still in the celophane wrapping. However, I noticed on the front cover in the bottom-right corner, it says “Bonus Feature Full Length Feature Film Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie” but I can’t find this in the options of the game disc. There was only the one disc inside the package (AE and sf3). In AE’s “gallery” menu option, I can see the attract mode for sf2, the ending credits, and listen to the back ground music for the game but nothing about a full length movie. Do you have to finish the game in single player to get an extra option or something?


I think it is just in the options/ extras. IIRC you don’t have to unlock it.

FYI… The Street Fighter Anime movie inspired the making of Street Fighter Alpha series.

FYI #2. The anime shown in the Japanese verion of AE is still the Amerinca Version of the movie.

  • No Blood in ryu sagat fight/ instead it is a big flash during the shoryuken
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Thanks but I do not see it at all… I could be overlooking something very basic but all I see in Gallery is “Openning I” “Openning II” and three BGM (for back ground music). The opennings are for the game, nothing about the anime. I have a Japanese Xbox, and was a little worried when AE arrived in the mail, because it had the NTSC mark (not NTSC-J) and everything on the cover was in English. I read somewhere that there was only one “world” release (the same world 'round) for this and it plays fine… I would just like to see maybe a screen shot of the menu you’re referring to.


Are you serious?

Go into HSF2 > gallery > play movie.

Yes, totally serious… ok here is exactly what I see when I follow your instructions of select game as Hyper (AE, not sf3): load game data? press A for ok game data has been loaded; push start button; Gallery Mode. This is what I see on the screen, exactly:



and that’s it. Anyone had a problem like this before? Wonder if I should call Capcom support or whatever.


I just checked on my copy and it has the the option MOVIE S.F. II MOVIE between the STAFF ROLL and BGM. So I don’t know whats up with your copy.

I visited a friend yesterday who is also from the US who has an American Xbox. I put my disc in his Xbox, and lo and behold, the gallery option to watch the movie was there indeed.

Strange why the Japanese consumers get left out on that option. The only reason I can imagine is because maybe the copyrights to the animated movie are not allowed inside Japan? Or, maybe I just have the American version, playable on Japanese Xboxes but there may be another version for Japanese Xbox owners. I’ve been to many local stores here and could not find this game; I had to hunt it down online.


maybe the regions on the movie not the game??
USA Region 1
Japan Region 3 i think

thats the only logical solution i can think for this