Boobality: Hong Kong Woman Convicted of Assaulting Officer with Breast

Enough equality for you?

Waiting for the puns to laugh my stress away.

How fuck do you even pronounce that?

Ng lay dashying?


Actually this reminds me of that one Chappelle show sketch with the white and black court proceedings getting switched

“I apprehened the suspect. It was at that point his wife threw her titties into my hand.”

Nigga lying.

…ok, for serious, it’s probably EENG lai (as in “eye”)-YEENG.

Holyshit @ that video. Lol

Also Chinese and breast? They must be talking about chicken

chinese lesbian prison movies

a tag (&trope before imdb) but not collection, on imdb, the internet movie database!

Chinese broads can be thick with double d’s

Despite mass media

This is not the happy ending I was expecting

lol at the kid getting charged as well. Makes me wonder what other kind of bullshit the HK justice system has allowed.

HK is part of China now. These niggas best learn to deal with it, or save up enough money to move to Canada or Australia, like the smart money did before 1997.

‘ing’. With less emphasis on the ‘i’.