Here’s my rendition of me fav fighting game chick Morrigan. Instead of using black linework to hold in the colours I decided to colour directly over my pencil lines which was fairly interesting. So whaddaya think?

Very good coloring job. It’s beautiful… But the drawing itself has some problems.

For one, The lips are damn big, but being big isn’t the real problem… they look like the way lips would be drawn in a 3/4 face view drawing but Morrigan is seen in 1/2 face view. It looks to make sense with the shadows and all… but I donno… I just don’t like it this way.

It also seems you drew her bellybutton a tad too high. but it’s enough to make the drawing look bad.

I still love the hand, the details on the muscle formation, the wings, the clothing and those bats in the background. It’s very good, and yet, you still have some things to work on.

Thanks for the feedback braindigger, appreaciate it. Personally I’m really happy with her lips and they do look that way from that angle. But your right about her belly button being to high. It’s because her torso is too short. I actually noticed that while I was drawing but was to lazy to fix it. I hoped nobody would notice it guess I was wrong! Looks like I’ll have to fix it now.

wtf?! Is that possible?!

Yah, it’s possible I just have to slice her in half and carry her top portion up a bit and then fill in the area in the middle. Hopefully It’ll work. I post the revised version if it does.

I so wouldn’t risk it. I simply never touch stuff after the CG. That’s the final step, there’s no going back. If I make a mistake like that, I redraw the legs and everything. It was quite painful last time it happened to me.

Kay, well her surgerys complete and I think she looks much better now. Interesting how something so subtle can throw a whole drawing off. Thanks for pushin me that extra mile braindigger. Hey, and why’s nobodyelse responding? I’d like to here what you all think.

Oh my! That’s amaising! Simple beautiful job! Yeah, it looks lots better now.

It still disturbs me that her groing starts that far above her belly button, but I guess that’s normal for Morrigan, eh? :smiley: :lol: