Boogie Down Bronx

Anyone else on SRK reppin’ the BX?

I see BK has its own thread… Where are my 718 boys?

riverdaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, kingsbridge roadddddddddddddd the boot man creeps it around nahshalahshamean? 5000

We reppin that riverdale lol

BX is pretty dead. Niggas can’t host gatherings in the PJs.

Marvel bx players still alive and kickin’ though

The bronx wayyyy too ghetto to host,lmao! I know cause i stay in marble hill.So i usually just go to ctf to get my crack needs lol.But we need a nice crew here in the bx for marvel and sf.

Me and DS are around for that SF4. But we usually go to Queens, since the BX is PAP!

Yea i hear you,I’m trying to find some comp around here myself for sf4 and marvel but most are scrubs or too pussy to wanna play lmao!

Pelham here.