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I, as someone who lives in basically the middle of nowhere (Perth, Australia, you probably haven’t heard of it, its a bit too indy), and doesn’t really get enough money to travel to events (though I am saving my heart up for Evo next year), am a librarian in every fighting game I try to play. There’s a (relative to every other game in Perth) large community of players for SF4 here, so while I get practical experience in that, everything else I get to play with one or two people and librarian the rest of the information for when I do travel, or play online, or play against new people, or whatever, so I don’t get lit up for free by the 97% of the roster I haven’t played against. For instance, there isn’t exactly a wide range of Vampire Savior players here. Shocking, I know. So I fall back on mizuumi and Japanese videos, and though its definitely no substitute for actual play, it suffices.

But despite this being the largest game out at the moment, its really hard to actually be a librarian for it if you run entirely off this website. The character specific forums, with a few exceptions, aren’t exactly the best organized places to find information, so if you don’t know what you’re specifically looking for and are armed with the search bar, its hard to find what you’re after. Same thing applies to youtube: unless you know the few channels that upload the specific players you’re after, searching for a character that isn’t one of the mainstream ones (i.e. the ones you probably get practical experience against anyway, e.g. Yun) won’t reward you with anything too amazing. Maybe even just some scrubs playing on XBL with their friends if you’re particularly bad at searching for things. It also doesn’t help that, for most obscure characters, their best player is going to be Japanese. If you’re not good enough in the matchup already to know what’s going on, then you’d probably turn to the commentary for help, as that normally works out in major tournaments, except here, the commentary is in Japanese and thus provides no help to you.

At this part in a post, the person would normally have already provided a point, and asked a question about said point, but I’m pretty good at rambling about things. So, even though no one’ll be left reading this, partially because of the title that wasn’t good enough to describe anything (I couldn’t think of anything specific), and the fact this has gone on too long, I have to wonder: why doesn’t someone for SRK provide a service where they reupload Japanese ranbats with English commentary and post them front page? I can’t imagine them getting less support than ‘Funny Comebacks with Guile Theme Playing 8143’, and there’s certainly a larger range of top players and characters in Japan. If there was an official SRK youtube channel doing this, as well, it’d be a lot easier to find videos of top level play, even without the dub service. I’ve commentated a fair few things in my time, but no one likes a one-man commentary team, so I can’t really do anything to help on this topic. Plus, it’d help smooth out the graph of top level videos uploaded vs time, which spikes hugely around the relatively sparse majors (for obvious reasons), with not many players just uploading footage of them having friendlies.

Here’s the thing…and I am gonna try to say this as non-dick-like as possible and as an individual not speaking for SRK. Everyone in the FGC has these great ideas. Things should be this way. SRK should add this. EH should be doing this. IPW should be doing that. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone did X, Y and Z over at whateverthefuck.

The thing that all these great suggestions have in common is that there is a catch: the idea people expect someone else to do it for them. The community as a whole we have going on right here, it isn’t a situation where everyone is getting paid and we’re all working as a hive mind. Most of the FGC is straight volunteer work. The streams, the moderation, the match commentary, the guides, the match up threads, the phone applications (well…they get paid), the tournaments, etc, etc, etc. This is a very organic thing that is pieced together by a lot of volunteer work from several sources all working on their spare time. Here’s my point though: none of these things would be available if the “idea” guys weren’t also the “do” guys.

So, yeah! Your idea sounds great. If you also think it is great, then I invite you to put some time into it and see how it goes. Be more proactive about it than just posting a poll thread. Hell. I’ll sticky a damn thread pointing to the YT channel if you leap into the deep end and can get the idea really rolling. It may not be the official SRK YT channel, but it is a move in the right direction. If it works out, great! If it doesn’t, at least the idea became something tangible.

I’m not trying to pick on you and maybe I misinterpret what you’re asking. Maybe you’re a do’er just looking for a shove. Then here. I’m shoving you. Find a partner to do the commentary with and go for it. It sounds like a great idea. Go do it. :slight_smile:

I was more kinda asking with the wondering line if there were any particular problems with doing it (i.e. does the owner of the videos have any problem with people doing this, and as such, has someone attempted this but gotten videos taken down). I’d be more than happy to do it if there were no problems and I found a partner to do it with.

Charlie Murphy: TLDR: IT ALL: it seems like you want all the non fact or w/e threads gone, I don’t, this forum needs to be a place were anyone can discuss anything SSF4, thanks to sosage, we can barely discuss anything, causing the lack of interest in these forums and a lack of members.

I don’t expect the character sub-forums to ever be neat and organized, so I didn’t bother requesting anything regarding them, really. But if you can’t get data in text form, you can get it in video form, which would be much easier to organize.

This was TLDR so you derail about this? Here? PFFFFT! Ok. Let’s derail for a sec:

The vast majority of threads I peace out here tend to be either threads that obviously belong somewhere else, or in your case, threads created by people that can’t see there are already three threads talking about the same subject (on page 1 of all things…2 stickied…were those titles also TLDR for you as well?).

Sorry that I misinterpreted and ranted all over you.

Oh, no, its fine, I’m sure I made it look like a bit of ‘guys can you do something more for more for free? I’m not enjoying all my free services already’ with all the ranting :stuck_out_tongue:

Perth’s in the middle of a gigantic resource boom, so big it buffered us from the GFC not quite ‘poor, or indy’ big fella, guess you didnt see Adam Smith ‘Wealth of Nations’ on the shelf or Economics 101 for that matter

Charlie Murphy: Yes those three paragraphs where to much for me to give a foshizzle about, as for you closing proper threads… that is a laugh, i see a lot of threads i want kept opened and you just close cuss they dont meet your standard, like the kid a while back asking if people would switch from AE to third strike.

and a bajillion gazillion others, u asssume wrong way to often.

I can’t argue with most of that. There is a pretty (very) basic standard here. All I can suggest is you go find another forum with zero standards so you can wade through your precious shitty threads all day long. This obviously isn’t the place for you.

Charlie Murphy: lol this internet forum is way to high class for Charlie Murphy.