Booking a hotel @ the Rio for Evo


Please use this form to book the hotel for Evo.

Right now, rooms are at $50 for weekday nights and $85 for weekend, but the prices will go up over time, so book now while they are cheap!

The rooms are deluxe studio suites.


Hot :tup:

The addittional fee of 30$ for 3rd/4th person is that per night? And per person (so 4 people would be +60$)?

Edit: At the same time, the form doesn’t have field for other countries than US, is it possible to add it or do I have to go through other mean to book it from Canada?


Wow those are good prices. Thanks for the update.


Nice catch, give us a few days to fix it so you can book as well.




Good shit. Now to find cheaper airfare :wasted:


you dont actually tell them you have more than 2 people dude.


How tight is the security though? Like would it be easy get away with 4 people staying in a room paying for 2?


trust me its easy.

the only thing as ive mention before is that at the elevators you need to flash a room key to the guard to get into a room. so just be with your buddy that has the room key when you go up


^Yep. And to be honest most security probably doesn’t even care. I was at the Wynn hotel and they required all guests to show a key. Same 3 or 4 people easily let in about a dozen people.

I live in Las Vegas btw and I haven’t seen security crack down so much on this. Probably because they know most people go to their suites to get drunk, not sleep.


Not sure about Rio but if it’s anything like the others it’s easy.


LOL. I always say 2.


Booked for 2 people…just in case.


Just a FYI… dont say you have 3-4 people staying in your room…only way they find out is you wreck your room…

and there is no security guard next to the elevators…


Not to sound like an idiot but when you go to their site and check those dates the price is also 85 for a deluxe on weekends. This is without the evo discount. Just wondering if this is an error or if they give a discount after you book it through evo etc? First time doing this so im a little confused at the deal.


haha, I just checked that like 1 minute ago too. Im’ guessing this is not a ‘deal’ or ‘discount’, they are just letting you know that if you book early it’s cheaper. Booking through the evo site just helps them lower costs or something. Just a way of helping support them.


If I’m not mistaken, Evo also had to meet a certain quota of room reservations for the event. So discount of not, use this feature.


Yeah I am definatly going to use that link I was just wondering if I was missing anything is all, thanks for the info tho.



Somebody’s Evo room a couple years back had 27 people sleeping in it (the hotel room we filmed ‘bathtub Marvel’ at). That was impressive. Grimy, though.


Hotel security is bunk. They don’t care as long as one person has a key card.