Boondocks 1 Results


Sorry bout the delay!

GGXX (11 people)

1st - Donnie “Iceman” McCoy (Eddie, Faust)
2nd - Mike “Masaka!” Creque (Bridget, Jam, Potemkin, Baiken, Sol)
3rd - Jarrod Pauley (Axl, May, Testament, Slayer)
4th - Nick “NickN” Nowitzky (Ky)

5th - Chris “Shrek” Li (Faust)
5th - David “SF2Freak” Wright (Slayer)

7th - Robin “Renegade” Palm (Ky, Dizzy)
7th - Richard Wiles (Ky)

9th - Zack Glidewell (Faust)
9th - CaneBrake (Millia)
9th - Patrick Perrone (Bridget, May)

CVS2 (8 people)

1st - Robin “Renegade” Palm (C - CBS, C-Iori/Rugal/Bison-2)
2nd - Mike “wtf did I play this game again?” Creque (K - Cammy/Sakura/Hibiki-2)
3rd - Nick “NickN” Nowitszki (C - Ryu-2/Terry/Kyo )
4th - Chris “Shrek” Li (?)

5th - Patrick Perrone
5th - David “SF2Freak” Wright

7th - John “FlashG” Gordon
7th - Richard Wiles

Tekken 4 (8 people)

1st - Jarrod Pauley (Xiaoyu, Julia, Hwoarang)
2nd - Daniel Moore (Jin, Kazuya)
3rd - Nick “NickN” Nowitzki (Paul)
4th - Brandon “Thaokath” Irby (Jin)
5th - Josh "I don’t have the signup sheet so I don’t remember his last name"
5th - Robin “Renegade” Palm (Steve?)
7th - David “SF2Freak” Wright (Jin? Marduk?)
7th - Richard Wiles

Third Strike:

1st - John “FlashG” Gordon (everybody in the damn game except Twelve)
Everybody else

We put Flash on the console and offered up 20 bucks to the person who could beat him. He had to win 50 straight vs everybody else. He did :slight_smile:

We didn’t have enough folks for MVC2 (Sorry Denny) so we didn’t hold it.

Notes and thanks:

  • Thanks to Flash for showing me the true fobbieness of the fob bus. And the power of scrub Makoto. Spiderman Disco forever!

  • Thanks to Jarrod, Robin and Donnie for helping with setup, tournaments and arranging the room

  • I am never playing CVS2 again

  • Thanks to the WV guys and the out of towners who came in

Edit 7/23: Filled in some blanks (thanks Donnie)
Edit 7/25: Kinda filled in the Tekken bracket :slight_smile:


damn, i woulda taken your $20 mike :smiley:


I second that for notion for myself Exodus.



Good shit to Jarrod, maybe I’ll rape him in T4 some day :rolleyes:

So, it seems next KOF is going DOA

Shout outs, yaaaaaay!

Mike: All things considered (like it being summer and no one being there) great tournament. And excellent GGXX matches.

Chris: Ok, fireball characters are good. Check. Ass beatings in ST aren’t :lol:

Dave: Ha ha! I found a way out of your Slayer infinite :smiley:

Jarrod: Great games of GGXX…err wait a minute…hee hee :smiley:

Nick: A very deceptive Ky. Things that don’t look like they should work, seem to. A well played match :slight_smile:

Robin: I should send you a message sometime and tell you how to fight Testament :wink:

WV Crew: Thanks again from coming down.

Flash: Damn. Maybe I should have picked your character in 3s for you :lol: Then I could have learned stuff for the characters I like :slight_smile:

Jinmaster: Good luck getting Jarrod to play T4. I had to convince him he could place and earn his entry back to talk him into playing Saturday :stuck_out_tongue:


Damnit, I still can’t find that stupid T4 Bracket. It’ll show up, it’s probably buried in the stuff I brought back from the tourney.

Edit: filled in some blanks.


I don’t care about Jarrod, if he wants to play the best, he knows were to hit me up at…


This is Nick. I got 3rd in Tekken 4 using only Paul. Almost got past all the friggin’ Jins.

And my team in CvS2 was Ryu(r2)/Terry/Kyo (C-Groove).

I had a great time! The turn-out probably wasn’t as good as last time, but you all definitely ran this one a lot smoother. I hope you guys do another one soon. Later!


Finally found the Tekken 4 bracket, so I filled in the places.

As for the next one, who knows :slight_smile: Probably not till after Evo, but by then the students will be back, so it’ll probably be bigger. Hopefully SC2 will be out by then too, so we can add that (and toss freaking CVS2 punt)