Boondocks season 3?

idk if someone made a thread about it, too lazy to search

anyone has any info on when season 3 is gonna be released?

I blame BET…jk

ooops damn i blame big tigga for giving me typos T___T

March 28. AS has started running promos for it just recently.

ok cool thanks monte

lock if you guys want unless you wanna discuss about the show

A few new screenshots


Then don’t start the thread unless you have the information.

Aaaaanyways, I look forward to another season.

Man whens Arron gonna bring Caesar to the show? Love that dude.

wouldn’t hurt to ask the peeps that wanna drop the knowledge you know, besides i tried googling, and yahoo and nothing shows up but now since i have sort of confirmation i can at least believe these guys ha ha

but yea all that aside i hear speculation of a boondocks movie possibly happening after the third season

would be ill as fuck to see a movie about this great show

Wedgie Wudlin up in hyah.

Awesome! Glad to finally see a date of some kind, love this show.

mcgruder put up a photo of the finished season 3 episode 1 DVD a couple of months ago

Hmm were there any trailers released for it then?

I thought Regina did that…

Why does Tom look like Busuzima?

Why is Aaron ending this show after the 3rd season? The show came out in 2005. He owes us 5 seasons at least. I know adult swim is showing reruns of seasons 1&2. But to reach strip syndication, a show must have 88 episodes, or four seasons, which is the usual minimum.