Boost Chains


Which characters rely mainly on boost chains for their damage?


most of the SF cast


Guile, gief, cammy, marduk, yoshi, poison, bison, dhalsim, blanka, sakura, vega, balrog.


Thanks guys, I appreciate your help.


Cammy uses boost chains for easy damage. For opimization though, instead of a traditional AABC boost she’s better off doing something like: (crossup) > > > cr.hp > xx fs.hp xx launch

some of the other characters listed are similar.

PS: FSE is in denial about this, but Juri gets the majority of her meterless mid-screen damage off boost chains and cancels into launcher. :3


That cammy combo…why would you throw in the…just go right for Plus…still a boost combo. :coffee:

You just don’t have proper set-ups with your combos after Juri’s Bnb. :coffee:


Personally I have more trouble against Darkphyre, but that’s off-topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Akuma has trouble getting good solo damage unless you can link into cr. Hp consistently.


Probably because asuka does all the work. :coffee:.


Daaaaamn, shots phyred!



I rest my case. :tup:


Because confirming off the alone is borderline impossible (especially when you land it deep) and the 3f, low hitting is a better followup in terms of “will they block this too?”. > is a frametrap against the majority of the cast since only a handful have 3f normals (and even then it trades). Thats three opportunities for them to block wrong/push a button and get opened up. Obviously if you KNOW it’s going to hit just do something like j.hp > cr.hp > xx xx launch.

And yes, what I listed contains a boost combo, but it’s also a procession of 1f links.

I do, I just almost never bother since boosting to Asuka is more beneficial. Juri’s oki is pretty poop in terms of reward… until they’re cornered anyway.

…is that why when I win, half the time it’s with solo Juri? :3

Meter too good. I’m not spending it unless:

A) I’m losing and need to retake the lead

B) I need to AC something

C) I need to reversal and/or Falling-rain a crossup

D) Have to get a character out via safe-tagging a special

E) I’m 100% sure it will kill

F) Juri is mostly dead and it’s the final round for me… time to Cross assault!

G) You’re bad and I feel like styling with long, pointless juggles~ \o/