Boost Mobile KO: Man Punches Pregnant Store Clerk


Fucking scum.


Pensacola Florida? Only one I know of. If so this isn’t surprising i mean…Florida right?

Pretty fucked up tho yea.


At the end of the video if you zoom in you can see her updating her facebook status.


what amazes me is how she was the only one on duty, those are dangerous work conditions regardless if she was pregnant or not, all phone stores in my are have at least three people on duty in the stores and whoever the crystal person is kiss her job goodbye

she’s got one hell of a nose on her ill give her that


i witnessed a robbery last summer at a local hair salon. the weird thing was that the guy didn’t have use a weapon or even raise his voice. he just looked methed out and and when he asked for the money the salon girl handed him all the cash in the register. i would’ve tackled and held him down until the police arrived but i didn’t have health insurance at the time and didn’t wanna risk it.


awww she was so nice to him to start of with as well, gives that sucker punch a bit more of a ‘whoa’ factor.

Well the only way to prevent more of this crime is to just steralise all black people imo, make the world a better less racist place by next generation :tup:


Somebody wake me up when this thread gets interesting.


Rocket punch…DEESSTTRROOYYEEDD :Looney:


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last but not least @Kromo, how old is she? checks article 35? @Kromo nvm…


So the Florida thread is that hard to find?


Damn these new Ultra updates…

Barlog vs Cammy is now a 10-0 matchup. :coffee:


This is why physical working with the public is a terrible idea. Raise minimum wage to $80 dollars an hour.


You forgot @Jimmy1200.


Is steralise some made up word for “sucking black cock” you just made up on the spot Sean Connery?

Maybe you should change your av to Roger Moore…

also this story right here is waaaay better

why cant we get a video of that shit instead?


oh wow good one angel! :rofl:


I thought he was going to OTG her off the ground with another rocket punch and then maybe a Hyper Bullet Force and claim he was standing his ground.


Really puts things into perspective.
It is just so easy to rob stores. No disguise, no weapons, no plan…
Just waltz in, punch a lady and take all the cash.

Man…easy money…
Really makes you think…


I hope the lady is alright.


Fixed for truth.


if her fetus survives, name the kid Rockjaw.