Boot to the head? Pimp sues Nike


:rofl: OMFG. Really?

Naw son. You beat a man wit’ a shoe. We could let that slide. Pimping women (or anyone, regardless of gender for that matter)? Bad. You’ll have to do some time for that, but still, not the worst thing you’ve done. The worst thing is the,“Just do it” puns that you have now caused…

100 years? JUST DO IT.


“Nike never said to do that ya dumb bitch.” -Suspect’s gf on the news.

“He was always a good boy! He was always good to his children…” -Some random person related in some way to the suspect. :bluu:

I guess now we know where that other shoe dropped.

Bottom line: May as well accept the fact that you are about to become someone’s bitch…FOREVER.



Thats not cool


I should get a Nike contract

the way I just do it :cool:


Shit like this is the reason the rest of the world looks at us and laughs.


My dude got 100 years and didn’t even kill the guy? Lol.

I imagine the beating to look like this. @0:57


Oh shit Lenny Kravitz has defo seen better days.

100 years seems a bit of a rediculous sentence when the half nigga didnt even kill anybody.


I can’t respect someone that knowingly gets blood on their Jordans…in my book that justifies 100 years


Man wtf is wrong with black people


Don’t blame black people for what niggas do.



He’s being a heel.

And doing it wrong.

Sig worthy.





Also an inmate. This will be a match to remember. FIGHT.[/details]


I blame black people for listening to the black people who are ENABLING niggas by always blaming everything on the white man/republicans, and never niggas themselves. Sharpton needs a privilege check.


Pimp Willy I always knew you were bitchmade, even the dentist you went to today said “there’s something massive stuck in your mouth…I’ve…I’ve never encountered such a massive case of DEEZ NUTS IN YO MOUTH SON”!

SRK MAFIA XIII: SRK Vs. The End of the World -- Apocalypse Now? (GAME OVER - CIVILIANS WIN)

Right cuz stupid ass white boys never get into fights.

Don’t be blaming black people. Blame stupidity and ignorance.


I don’t think anyone was even eluding to that, But I do have to point out the irony that the video you posted came from worldstarhiphop.

However, I don’t blame you, I blame your stupidity and ignorance.



Learn to spell before you call someone stupid.

And the point is not who posted the video, point is white people can be just as stupid as other races.



Don’t blame white people for what crackas do.

Don’t blame Asian people for what fobs do.

Don’t blame Jewish people for what Hollywood does.

Don’t blame Forrest Gump for what stupid does.

Don’t blame SRK for what 09ers do.


Class is in session.

Anyway cases of this nature always make me laugh. For publicity sake Nike should humour his case and troll him. Just go out of their way to provide the physics on why they are not responsible, that his weight would and the speed he kicked at would have been the deciding factor in the injuries caused, and that the damage of their shoe moving at 30mph would be inconsequential.


They click youtubes


I don’t have to take that shit, I’m white!