Bootleg Saturn USB: Dual button presses?


Hey guys,

New poster here. I’ve recently had my interest in fighting games renewed after not playing them since the 16 bit days. Anyway, I was thinking of buying some of the Saturn USB controllers like these:|293%3A1|294%3A30

I thought this might be a good controller to get as I am not a big fan of the cross style dpad on the PS3 controller. I will be playing mainly SF2:HD Remix and MvC2 on my PS3 with these pads for now, so I’d like to know how responsive the controllers are to dual button presses. I imagine this is an important factor because all of the super moves on MvC2 involved a PP or KK input. I’ve heard some people had some problems with these types of inputs? Also, how are the materials, in general? I’ve heard the dpad has broken for some people? My other alternative to these Saturn controllers would be the Madcatz SF Fightpad, which I’m not sure is that safer of a choice judging by reviews.


i personally love mine, but i use them on pc. playing mvc2 on dc emu, i have no problems with 2 button moves.

here is the official thread devoted to them:


Make sure you replace the dpad and buttons with a genuine Saturn pad because the bootleg dpad/buttons are very poor.