Boots and Boys



I’m prepared for flaming, I don’t care. Never the less, I was listening to Boots and Boys today while playing Juri and I thought to myself…huh…this is hilarious for Juri…so I began searching for a video montage of Juri and the song mixed together. Nothing. Does anyone know if this exists and if not, is anyone good enough to make one? I’d appreciate it, lol.


id rather this be in the general discussion.

I see your Ke$ha and raise you [media=youtube]XoPPViAnBGw[/media]


My apologies. Also whie I love DM, its not as hilarious.

Hopefully a mod can move the post.


Juri isn’t hilarious. She’s sexy and deadly. Just like this song.


I kinda think that Sofi needs a Ladder is a more fitting song than One Trick Pony on that album.
And I was listening to “Look Back At Me” by Trina the other day while playing Juri and I thought it would be kinda fitting too lol.