Border Tourney "Outer Heaven" in Tijuana, Mexico

hi all… i hope this forum is not exclusive for U.S tourneys and well since it’s actually 5 mins from the border i’d say we could pass it like a U.S event (kinda)

and well… from an almost non-existant scene comes our first ‘major’ tourney :sweat:

Date: April 1st.

Location: CECUT (centro cultural tijuana [Mexico]) (5 mins across the border) it’s a round structure/building thingy which everyone who’s ever been to TJ has seen at least once. a couple of minutes from revolution ave :wgrin: …)

Registrations: day of the event from 10am till 1pm
event starts at 1:30pm

Games: MvC2 (DC)
Kof’02 (DC)
DDR extreme (arcade)

Rules: no breaking/freezin’ glitches

Entrance fee: 3dlls entry fee and y 1dll per game at the losers bracket. (i guess it’s barely nothing but do take in mind that it’s Mexico we’re talkin’ about)

Prize: 1500 pesos first place (around 130U.S. Dlls) for each game. there will be second place prizes although those haven’t been decided yet.

there’s really not much of an MvC2 scene here so we’re trying to gather up as many ppl as we can… we do have some decent level players though:wgrin: and well… in regards of king of fighters… this is mexico you know :wgrin:

hope we can count on your attendance.

thx ppl.

here’s the flyer:

Now I can go but, don’t have KOF02 on DC cause its a piece of SHIT. Why dont you do it en la 5y10. They have marvel and KOF on arcades.

Also do a KOF XI tourney since its better than 02, or a NGBC.

The K-FORCE will be there.

i know mexico is big on mvc2, but it seems 3s is the most popular fighter world wide… so i dunno why you arnt doing that.


i guess the ideal place to hold an arcade tourney would be at an arcade…
thing is… the tourney is a part of cultural event, where we’re trying to promote the video gaming culture… plus… if it’s gonna be at an arcade, i needed to find to arcades that were exactly alike. i didn’t want any excuses about the sticks not being the same… the mvc2 at 5y10 sux big time… or about… playing sitting down or something like that… and we chose DC cuz it’s the closest you’re gonna get to the actual game. unless you use a pc of course :wink:.

and we’re not doing 3s cuz we actually don’t have any 3s arcades here:sweat: plus i’ve never seen anyone put up a fight in 3s :sweat:

although i am thinking about doing side tourneys… i’m thinking about soul calibur, GG and of course 3s and if we get a good response from any of those games, next year they’ll be included in the event… although i’m not sure if i’m gonna be able to come up with the resources for the side tournaments… so no promises there:sweat:

on mvc2 damage will be set on 1-2 depending on how much ppl we get. we are been given 4-5 hours tops to complete the events.0 on KOF only arcade characters are allowed.

oh and from 7p-9p there will be a freestyle exhibit for DDR.

Marvel is great on DC but KOF 02 sucks big time on DC. Do it on Neo Geo. Are any of the big KOF players coming to this.

Also sign me up for GG#R if you are doing it.

well… i would like to do it on the actual arcade… but it’s really out of our hands.

and yes… there will be big timers in kof… tijuana’s best and mexicali’s best.
ensenada’s coming too… although i’m not sure if they’re bringing people for kof… i do know that they’re skilled at MvC2.

if someone from MvC2 could also attend it would be greatly appreciated.

Hmm I might be able to go… depends on my GF.

hope u can make it. it’s not confirmed yet… but it seems that a group from the southern part of the country will be joining us. what i don’t know is which game they’ll be playing:sweat:

THE ANSWER: please excuse my ignorance… how big is the K-FORCE? and how many of you will be attending?

and thanks for helping out tj’s gaming scene… i know we won’t disappoint you ppl :slight_smile:

The K-FORCE is the BEST KOF team in the U.S. including the new KOF XI CHAMPION, ME :wgrin:

Now I was talking to my people about the tourney, and if the tourney is on DC nobody will be attending :wasted: Here is a solution to this we own the arcade version :cool: so if you allow us to take so we can play our matchs on it a few of us will go. Please let me know what you think you can contact me on MSN MESSENGER. Also if we go I might get COMBOFIEND to go to take you guys money on MVC2.

Is there a KOF XI machine around I want to see if mexican people are good in this game, and I will take any money matchs on this any amount.

well… using dc is really my only choice… i CAN get 2 kof arcades but i need them to be identical, since the tournament needs to end within 4 hours and a lot of people will attend… i have to say that i am excited about your attendance. although i will not be able to play in the event cuz i’m the organizer… i would like to see how mexico does against u guys in kof (i’m sure you’d like to test our skills too :)) i assure you that there will be strong opponents. tj’s, mexicali’s and ensenada’s best will attend (and probably ppl from sinaloa which seems to be one of the kof cores)… it really would be a shame if you missed the event… what i’m thinking one thing i could do is have the main game on the arcade and second chances would go on DC… but that’s something that i just came up with and i would have to talk with the rest of the organizers about that. besides… i guess ps2/xbox suck even more than DC right? :s

PS2, DC and XBOX are the same SHIT, I got 2 arcades exactly the same, I can take them no problem if you want, but I will not play on DC. Now what about KOF XI, I am the US champion and Im confident that no MEXICAN can defeat me, our level is higher. Unfortunally we don’t play KOF 2002 anymore so we will not be competition in the tourney, we are maily going to see if you guys are a challenge on KOF XI.

Last minute news, my friend just informed me that he just bought KOF XI, so I had a propocicion, we take KOF XI you host a tournament, and will put an extra $1000 pesos to the price aside from the pot, to get more people interested. What do you think?

Try to contact me on MSN I get back from work @ 11:15 pm so we can chat about this.


well THE ANSWER: i definitely DO accept your offer about the 2 kof machines and also about the XI game… i will make the proper arrangements… i already posted the news on another forum… and i will get back with you tonigh so we can check the schedule for the tournament… and really dude… thanks a lot for your support.

can someone take a camera to the event Id love to see what this lil tourney will look like (plus the matches)

already on it… the MvC2/kof tourney will be recorded directly from the source, and well DDR will be recorded from the outside lol… and we’ll upload the video on our site.

if you have 3s, i will go. and ill bring amigos.

well i do plan on doing a sidetourney… at first i wanted soul calibur… now i don’t know if i should do garou or 3s… but then again… it all depends on my resources (so that alone sucks)

for 3s all we need is a ps2. if i win 3s ill take everyone out for cervesas after the tourny.

hey… i got some fugly news… for legal reasons we’re not gonna be able to give money as a prize… it seems that the problem is that it’s gonna be a “cultural” event in a place that promotes the arts, and well… it seems they don’t have the permit or something like that… so that’s what it comes down to… any ideas on what could be a good prize??? i was thinking on something like a gaming set (ps2,fighting game and a stick) anyways… sorry again and we hope for your attendance.

and i really don’t think we’re gonna be able to pull off a 3s tourney since we just added king of fighters XI to the list. so i apologize for that dude.

Come on U.S.A playes stop talking and come show what you got…

LAME; how’s about under the table deal?? I don’t think you’ll have your DC’s inspected for cash.