Border Tourney "Outer Heaven" in Tijuana, Mexico

small change

actually i was thinking somewhere along the same line… giving out something like a fake game, with the money inside. or like the shell of a ps2 or something. Mexico’s really big on brives… once i got out of a speeding ticket for 2dlls… but this time i really don’t want to risk it. i don’t want to jeopardize the future of the event. if all goes well… we plan on doing the event each year… and well… the plan is to make bigger and bigger with e
ach year… and to jeopardize that right now it’s kinda of a no no.
so sadly enough the prize will be a ps2 with ko’02/03 for the kof tourney, ps2 with a game(i woulda loved to give a MvC2 for ps2 but it seems that it’s not available anymore)… so i really do apologize for the inconvenience but it’s really the best we can do in such short notice. and well… it seems that competition will be really heavy so i guess it’s still worth the trip… like always… your input is greatly appreciated.

there will be a small change in the schedule… :sweat:
the kof XI tourney will start at 7pm. i apologize for the sudden change, but it’s really outta my hands:confused:


Well… the results are in: Ensenada took the mvc2 tourney. Kof’02 stayed in TJ…
if you guys are up to it… next year i’m planning on a Mexico vs USA tourney. and i’ll do my best to bring you a nice set of games. tekken, third strike, MvC2 and so on… just let me know if you’re up for it so i can start making the proper arrangements. it would definitely be a money prize and it would be in U.S currency.
and ANSWER… really dude… thanks a lot for coming. remember that you’re always invited to our casuals. just give us a heads up. alright ppl… cya next year.:wgrin:

…biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig ego there Oscar…