Bored at work question: Should Adon have chainable cr jabs?

ok, i know this is quite pointless because Adon is well balanced as it is right now, but…

dont you think Adons cr jabs should be chainable?

i would really like it, his current blockstrings are quite unsafe against reversals, and chainable jabs would make his offense a bit more safer.

taking into account that he is a “in your face” char, it could be a good thing…

what do you think, fellow Adon players?

Yes there are many things that need to change about him, hopefully chains first off, and his move’s hitboxes,and some priority help but ya I would like that

Nah we dont want anything to change about him. Last thing we want i the usual people saying after the changes that he is overpowered bla bla bla.

I think you should make street fighter 5 instead of Capcom

The best thing about jab chains is that they usually offer option-select sweep/special/ultra. I think it would be great to have, although with Adon’s slow specials and fierces (save RJ), his option select game would only be improved slightly. So I’m not too worried about jabs not chaining.

true that.

it is just that… it feels weird, taking into account he is supposed to be a lightning fast kickboxer (the opposite of Sagat), and then he has no chains at all.

correct me if im wrong, but most “fast” chars has chains, but Adon. Dunno, maybe CAPCOM took that decision because of balance issues, but i doesnt like it.

just a minor issue, nothing to worry about of course.

I don’t think they need to be chained. It’s good practice to time jabs or shorts effectively instead of brain-dead mashing.

mm… the thing is, chainable jabs are safe on block…

Actually, now that I remember, Adon’s close standing jabs are chainable. Only safe setup is on a cross-up j.:lk: or j.:mk:, but yeah, they’re there. lol

They took that decision because he’s never had chainable lights. Is it a good decision? Don’t know. I know reversals in blockstrings aren’t really a problem against good players for some reason, they mostly don’t attempt that.

It’s all about leveraging your options. If you know they can DP through your block string, stop when you think they’ll try to DP, bait, and punish. This is why people don’t random DP much through block strings. Fools me once, shame on you, fools me twice, shame on me.

interesting, didnt think about that! you know, for some reason i always go for cr LP…

i know, i know, it is just i find it annoying; not being able to apply safe blockstring pressure like other chars can; not for being at advantage, but just for fun!

but as i said, nothing important, Adon is fun anyways.

If someone keeps mashing out reversals jump in hit them with something you KNOW will be self, stop and puncish the reveral that comes out.

Then when they are scared to mash out reversals yo can start your block strings.

When you go to a tournament this first step is a given which means it doesnt need to happen.

This of course means you can mash out a revesal and it might well work at a tournament, however it’ll probably only work once, then a whole new mindgame of baiting reversals begins.

His links aren’t that hard to perform in the first place.

given all the safe pressure he can apply, i’ll say he dosent need it. when you factor in safe jag kicks, and the ambiguous cross up game, he would be able to lock some opponents down too well with pressure if he had chainable jabs. its a character weakness. not trying to be a hater, but just saying every character should have 1

What’s Kens? :rofl:

That to many noobs pick him up, :3

consult the ken forum. im sure they have a heap of complaints, just like every other character sub forum