Bored? have a read at me and a friend's mildly amusinig facebook coversation ^

if sf4 was a new game and i didn’t have to play a ridiculously impossible game of catchup…I’d practice as cammy
hands down
well ya everyone can play cammy

fun, hot, quick, wins tournaments
no, no they can’t ^

seriously tons of people have picked up cammy it’s stupid
i cant remeber the guys name
but hes a viper player
today was the first time he was ever seen playing another character
it was cammy
they asked him why he picked her up
his response
"she’s overpowerd and viper was bad for the match up"

blah blah blah
anyone can play anyone. only some can play them good

cammy is damn near retard proof

dude sf4 is a very technical game
nothing easy about it
dont kid yourself

shes the safest character right now
nearly all her combos are un punishable and the amount of stun she racks up is insane
my buddy has picked up cammy recently
sweet lord
it is rough
his rating has gone through the roof since he picked her up

well good for him man
im sure comparatively he still sucks ass though haha

also i cant remember the pro player that got hired at capcom recently but hes leading the team for the 2013 patches. first thing out of his mouth “yes cammy is getting nerfed, not making the character unplayable but more balanced” everyone knows shes a problem right now. I feel that she needs to not rack up as much stun and a slight damage nerf since her 1-2-3 unblockable does just about a 1/3 of your health.

people like you and me though
this doesn’t concern us
this is only for top level play

lol yes it does affect us

any good player would never lose to yoru friends cammy

since her combos are actuallyl easy to execute

so no it doesn’t matter
it matters to people like infiltration
you and your buddy are no where near the skill ceiling
you worry about balance too much

it matters on all levels
you see TONS of cammys online
why is it
shes really strong

because "trends"
tons of scorpions online too
do i bitch?
no i focus on winning

just sayin man
go play sf
not saying shes unbeatable but damn shes rough
i can punish people who go in todeep on my geif
but if they know the match up im done
since cammy is beast

here’s the truth ben
i can become a beast at whatever i put my mind to
balance is not a factor
i will just win because i decidde to
that’s the correct attitude

lol you think i have a bad attitude?

it’s not a positive one at least
I’m realistic in character balance
shes needs tweeks to not make her bonkers

you care about balance
I don’t
cause I know my time investment is what determines wins and losses
not the video game developers

I am concerned with the game character useage to keep the game fresh

nah nah
earlier you were using your friend as an example
he’s doing well cause of cammy
so you said

yes he is now a hard roller of cammy because of how strong she is
he told me that in his own words

if he is it’s cause he’s working at it
don’t let him tell you otherwise

since in the weeks that i have played him he never picked cammy till just 2 days ago
and he said he only put in like 2 hours of practicing combos
we had this discussion

guess he can’t be that good

not saying hes the best
even he knows shes a bit bonkers right now
the 1-2-3 and the stun
they increase the stun threshold and lower teh damage just a hiar shes still competative but not the stun bot she is now
the stun is probably her biggest strength
or they could make her 1-2-3 on block not safe
which it is right now

I just don’t think anyone who isn’t top level should care about balance
since they have so much to improve on their own
buff your own skill

shes still bonkers
i wont ever be on teh lvl of the worlds top players but even at low levels of play she is a problem

the problem then isn’t balance
it’s you!

when fucking diago says shes unfair you gonna challenge him?

who daigo fights
you don’t fight
what effects him
doesn’t effect you

you dont play sf
so you dont understand

same concepts for every game
so yeah i do understand
all too well

SFAE dosent get patched every few week like injustice does
we have been dealing with the cammy issue for a very long time

bleh you just have a totally different priority mindset
I don’t ask the game to make me better
I just become better
that being said
if it affects top level play truly
then yeah tweak it
but it doesn’t affect you really
just like buffing overlord speed didn’t make bronze level players into diamonds

comparing an rts to a fighter is comparing an apple to a pepper
i could go back to my magic comparison to an rts if you would like that

doesn’t make anything I said any less true

lol compare to very unlike things and think you prve some kind of point
compeling argument

both games, both with skill ceilings, both with periodic balance changes
high skill ceilings*
both in genres of there own
and that matters how?


basic concepts man

alright back the the magic vs stracraft argument then

that isn’t the same


because magic is based on a luck factor
rts and fighting games are not
rts and fighting games are based on time invested into practice
magic is not

so does magic
pro are not good over night
they need to understand the meta and practice
they make deck changes and know how to play
magic is a decision based game
just the same as those games

rts and fighting games are mechanics based

and fighting games are not?

and knowledge based

so is magic

there are no mechanics involved in magic
you aren’t building a muscle memory
it’s a card game

the game is based around the mechanics of the cards O.O

mechanics as in finger/hand movement

so more time is put into thought and deck construction

dude it’s not the same
it’s just not
im sorry

also shuffling is very important Kappa

pay 2 win games are not the same as practice to win games
i know you like magic and have respect for it etc

they both require special skill sets

but it’s not the same

everyone has to practice their own games in there own ways

but sf4 and starcraft aren’t comparable games to magic
not to be paired side by side at least

and they are not comparable to each other they both have their own skill sets

how does this relate to balance whining again?

and you sir have lost this

no I didn’t feel that at all actually


what was the point you were trying to arrive at anyways?

you don’t sf enough to say there there are not character balance problems

i didn’t say that

i said whatever "problems"there are doesn’t apply to you

as i will say that i dont play injustice so i coudlnt tell you what characters are under/over powerd in injustice

because any “problem” you have against the players you go up against can be remedied by just getting better
it’s only a real problem when you’re actually touching the skill ceiling and you’re legit out of options

I have gotten much better but when facing certain opponents there are character balance issues
will i ever be good as diago or infiltration
no i wont
but when the players in the top 8 of last year’s evo even say cammy is a problem and t seems to be an overall consensus then yes there is clearly an issue
so there is a trickle down effect

top players complain because they’re touching the skill ceiling and are out of options
the scrubs then chime in to complain also
cause they’re lazy and want to “win”

a shot at me?

yeah at everyone

all those jackasses on the forums

i play a bottom teir character because i have fun

then have fun!
stop caring about balance
what do you care?
it’s just for "fun"
does winning really matter that much?
if it’s for fun?

if i cared about winning every match I’d be playing cammy

so don’t complain then
it’s like legit irrational
what you’re saying and doing

when the fun gets sucked out of the game cuz of a blatant balance issue then there neds to be changes even if it’s small

lol omg
you’re too much

no sir you are too much

this conversation should go on shoryuken
im sure everyone would get a laugh

Wow, I have to agree with the guy who’s actually in favor of keeping her the way she is…or at least suggesting people not of higher skill level stop concerning themselves so much on top tier characters. The one thing that ends my character complaints are when they get molested by someone using a lower tier. Reason why is because you realize not every character is perfect, above everything it’s a mind game. I can see if everyone were computers that calculate frame for frame every second during the fight, but we’re not. we are human beings who can feel our next move, and “Yolo yomi” our wins against stronger characters. Considering the top level, I’d be more inclined to agree to complaints on top tiers, but top tier characters are beat left and right all the time by characters who data wise would have no chance against them. Every character may have their advantages here and there, but every character can also