Bored Ryu combo

go to training mode with k-ryu and c-kyo

get kyo to the right corner, and position ryu so that his front foot is right after the 3rd line from the right. What line? The lines that are all over the floor in the training room stage.

(technically it’s the 4th line, but i think 3rd line is more understandable)

do a lvl3 shinkuu hadoken, and right afterwards, whiff a s.strong.

do a jab hadouken immmediately after the whiffed s. strong, then a fierce hadouken. voila! you’ve comboed 2 hadoukens.

You cannot fail if you follow my exact instructions.

lol, it didn’t work for me

edit: jesus christ, i thought it was a crazy as hell 7 hit juggle…lol

No, the shinkuu and whiffed strong are for the knockdown and follow-up timing.

lol, i can imagine you trying to juggle the whole thing in training mode and then saying “what the fapazzle” or some crazy catchy phrase.

can’t you just do a video of it? And why does it work?

the lp fireball hits meaty and that gives you enough time to through a fast one, hp, to connect with. hence the far lvl 3 fireball knockdown.

im gonna have to single you out, dude

This is a FORUM, where people are supposed to READ (though there’s quite a few people here who can’t); were my instructions vague or wrong in any way? Please, tell me something wrong with my explanation.

If you wanted a video, you should check out some video sites. Try Or hey! Maybe you can just TELL me to make a video, so I can be like “oh shoot RagingStorm101 asked me to do a video, I guess I should do it!!!” or maybe you can realistically use this forum to learn things via WORDS. Have you ever made a video before??? You want me to do it? For free???

Sorry man, but posts like these are the reason why this strategy forum is tough to navigate. In some ways, I can understand why there are so many newbie posts here, since CvS2 has a lot of appeal to both the hardcore gamer and the casual gamer (unlike the typical MvC2 gawker who watches a MvC2 match between top players and decides it’s too crazy for them), but haven’t you been on this forum for a while?

Did you even bother to try the combo?

*if you delete your post, i will delete this post. to make things pretty. i like things pretty.

He just asked a question dude. He said can you make a video of this that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to. All you have to do is say no and maybe explain to him how the combo works if you know the specifics.

chill out.
take that dick out of your ass and relax
was a simple question

Do you understand the implications of his tone?
“Can’t you just do a video of it?”

That is different from “Will you make a video of this combo?”, in which I could have replied “No.”

It is representative of the general attitude this forum has been adapting lately, one of spoonfed laziness. I don’t like it. Do you like it? Do you tolerate it? You probably tolerate it better than I do, I’ll give you that.

He also even said "And why does it work?"
Yeah, I could explain it to him. In fact, Shin Ace already explained how the combo works, 5 HOURS before RagingStorm101 decided to post. This is another example of not using your brain. Can you blame me for getting irked from this?

the only reason I asked was because I currently cannot test it out (don’t have the game for now)…otherwise I would have just tried it myself. I just thought there was something more to the combo so I figured it had to be explained further.

heh, at first I was just like Pigadoken, I thought it was gonna be a 7 hit juggle. I’d make a vid of myself doing it but I don’t have time, and I only got it once, shows how bad I am at timing the fireballs and stuff.