Boredom prevails! Jay's request thread, part 3: Speed Runs

I’m bored, and I feel like making some avatars. Problem is, I don’t want to spend very much time on them. So if you [for some strange reason] want an avatar with as little creativity and time put into it as possible, go ahead and request something.


  1. The 2 week rule doesn’t apply to any of the avatars I make, because little to no thought will be put into them.
  2. No animation. Animation takes up time, and time is the enemy. Enemies are bad. Ergo, therefore, so, ie, aka: no animation.
  3. Don’t expect much. Seriously.

Now after all that, aren’t you just dying to have an avatar made by me?

Well request something anyway.

Just an example of what I’m capable of:



lbx ken






Massa Chibi:



Avatar pls. Disgaea themed or … something.

Pickup on aisle 2.

Awesome. Let me buy you a small island one of these days.

make me a funny one…i trust your skills so i dont care what it is as long as it has my name and something to do with marvel maybe:D

Ham and mayo on white toast please, with a smidgen of honey mustard, some onions, and a pickle if you would.

I want an anti-air av. Whatever the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that.:stuck_out_tongue:

oh. And hop to it, fat chucka.

@ LyNkS: Lol, it probably isn’t what you expected, but I’m trying to spend less than a minute on these avatars. Hope you like it =]

@ Chibiiiii: Made fresh, for your tasting pleasure. If you come to SoCal sometime, I’ll actually make you one at the sandwich shop I work at. =D

@ K-Dubya: All I saw in that post was fat and ugly, so your request is being ignored until you apologize.

make me a random avatar.:smiley:

P.S. hey foo when we ganna start playin fighters???

Hey, I only mentioned fat. :0 So sorry for you being a fat, chinky-eyed devil.

your avs are always dope…even if you spend less than a minute on them…thanks

something about being “remixed” plz:D

Pickups for ShadowHawk and NeREMIXED!

I should be moving into my new apartment during September. Practice up, foo’. =]

make me one :slight_smile:

something just plain random, wutevers in your creppy/chinky head

holy shit awesome jay. hahahahaha. Yea ill be practicing just be ready haha.

goddamnit this is the best fucking avatar ever

make me one, with panties :smiley:

Cvs2 Av

Can u make me one with geese, Sagat, Yamasaky with the n-groove PLZ!!!

Pickup for my asian bother from the East.