Boring matchups

What are some of the boring matchups in fighing games? Um you shouldnt’ close this thread becuse… its related to fighting games? and it is a legitmate discussion topic??? yeah anyway i’ll start:

Cable vs Cable. This is ridiculously boring. Two dudes sitting around turtling. Too scared to do anything. Super jumping and not doing anything out of fear of AHVB. throwing occasional super safe pokes. kinda reminds me of cvs2. HA

Actually I think cable vs cable is good to watch in comparison to storm vs storm. Cable has to play smart to build meter and place grenades well.

Katana vs. Katana in OMF 2097 is horrible. Katana is a light bot and has an invincible juggle starter vs light bots, so nobody throws out a limb for fear of it being whacked, and any time player 1 does the move itself, player 2 just does it right back at him (player 2 wins but doesn’t get the juggle). So the match turns into a total throw-fest, like 3s Chun mirror match without the super bar.

Chun vs Yun - 3s
Chun vs Chun - 3s

pretty much any mirror match

some mirror matches dont bug me, eddie vs eddie does, t4 jin fights, but that was pretty much the entire game

Baiken vs Anyone

Guile vs guile in almost every game

“You attack. I’m not wasting my flashkick charge”
“no YOU attack.”
“no YOU.”
“Ok, here’s a sonic boom.”
"Oh, ok, I answer with my own boom."
both players go into crouching positions

Storm vs. storm.

also (non fighting)

Arilou versus chmmr avatar
mrnmhrm mirror matches
Arilou versus mrnmhrm

These are matches so boring that we we have a house rule that whenever these matches come up both players must commit suicide

Chun vs Chun is a snoozefest.

I can vouch for that. It’s like B+Fierce the half the match.

C Groove on C Groove

I enjoy watching good Baiken players, personally…

Sol mirror match is pretty boring to me.

Blanka vs. Blanka in CvS 2

I enjoy mirror matches as long as its not chun or yun. akuma vs akuma kicks ASS! hmmm, sagat vs sagat. “I bet I can out tiger you!” “oh yeah bitch,its ON!”

Players 1 vs Player 2…CvS2

game puts me to sleep


any low tier against a runaway storm. Yeah it may be interesting to see a new character, but I got real sick of watching someone flying way up in a corner while the other guy can do nothing for the whole match. Some people could probably show that me up on that, but I find it boring as hell.

yun vs * - 3s, ken makes the match a little bearable
A-Groove are/bas/whatever CvS2

Another vote for Chun’ VS Chun’ in 3S.
She’s not exactly an exciting character to watch or play in the first place.

Count me in for the

chun vs Chun
Storm vs Storm
Sol vs Sol

I can honestly fall asleep to that shit

Damn Im geting sleepy just thinking about it.

anyone with a brain winning vs. Cable- MVC2