Boring matchups

Honda v Honda in ST is just plain retarded. That gets my vote for dumbest mirror match.

Also, Q v Makoto in 3S. Fighting a character that preempts everything you can do on wakeup, from blocking to parrying to poking to random supering, with just the karakusa, and that recovers so fast that even if you jump, by the time you can hit her she’s already ready to block, parry, techthrow, or dash underneath you… is not fun.

Well I play Yun so I cant say Yun Chun is a boring matchup…it all depends on the Yun and Chun player…if they know their shit it can be exciting IMO…but my vote goes to CHun-Chun and Q-Q…Q-Q IS WORSE…timer runs out everytime…and both taunt to the max…

3S - Chun Li vs. Chun Li or Yun
Yun vs. Yun

CvS2 - Almost any match thats not K or N Groove usually sucks. Even advanced techniques of low tiers is boring to watch now.

I’ll watch any of Dr.B or John Chois matches though.

MC2 - Any of the Big 4 matches, I don’t care how beastly someone is with them, I’ve seen enough matches to last a life time of them.

Hell yeah John Chois matches are ALWAYS fire.

CVS2 wise… Honda V Honda is a real snoozefest. But most TT mirrors are boring to watch after the game is a few years old. So thats too easy.

I personally dont like to watch or play in any 3S matches with Yang and Ibuki. Im probably by myself there, but I find those 2 boring as hell.

Oh man, I haven’t played Star Control 2 in YEARS! :tup:

Yah, some of the matchups could last FOREVER. I know I’ve had one match last an hour, can’t remember the ships.

Do you play on PC or …3DO.:confused:

Blanka Vs Blanka CVS2

3s chun vs chun
3s chun vs ken
3s ken vs ken
cvs2 blanka vs sagat
cvs2 blanka vs blanka

Fuck, Ken vs Ken? That match is a godsend compared to Remy vs. Remy.

People actually do that? :karate:

I have fun watching Chun v Chun, constant footsies. Yun matches are annoying to me.

Amusing sometimes though. I have a video of Kuroda completely destroying some really scrubby Makoto player. He almost perfects her one round, but gets too cocky. He even parries her SAI because he’s a crazy bastard.

shoto vs shoto: “Hadoken…Hadoken…shoryuken!”:zzz: :zzz:

MvC2 - MSS, MSP.
CvS2 - Blanka in general.
3s - Genei-Jin.
#R - Ky in general
SC2/3 - Ivy v. Ivy
KOF - Kula v Athena or Choi, variations thereof
Tekken - NINA
Rumblefish - Hazama, Bazoo

all of the above are boring…get some new shit :tdown:

Actually I find 3s Yun vs Chun and Ken vs Chun to be awesome match ups…
It depends on the players too.

I thought I was the only one.

Chun vs Chun 3s
Big 4
Any fireball ST match. Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger…you get the idea.

I still don’t see how Yang VS Ibuki could be more boring than Chun VS Chun though.
Chun VS Alex is pretty dull.

Teams with Mags, Sent, Doc, Storm and Cable

C or A grooves with M. Bison, Sagat, Sakura, Blanka, Vega and Honda

Yun, Ken, Chun

Anything with Choi or Malin

Eddie or Sol (XX and #R)

SS Tenka:
Akmausa or Yumeji

Anything with Satsuki

Malin vs. anybody who’s not Malin in KoF2k3. It isn’t a good idea to put a near-flyer in a game where no one else can fly.

for me i dont find alex vs chun boring, cus the alex playing the chun wont see it as boring. it’s his worst match up everyone knows this, so when u get to watch two GOOD players play out this match u can see its not boring at all. just keep the facts of how hard it is for alex to build momentum and move around vs chun. any damage alex lands goes AGAINST the underlying fact that he is badly out matched by the mechanics of how chun works in 3s. from these boring match ups u can kinda pin point which situations in the fight r the players fault and what r the characters fault if they lose (or win).

yea top 3 facing off is pretty entertaining when u can fully understand how the matches work then it isnt really boring. it might LOOK boring if your not thinking about why they r doing so and so moves. most ppl should probably have the best grasps of these matches since they occur so often. with that knowledge the matches should actually be more ENJOYABLE.

probably the only real boring matches would be mirror matches with players who use the same super as well. but even chun vs chun matches can be really intense and entertaining. a top tier match in 3s is no where as boring as a top tier match in cvs2.

Watching Zangief in CvS2 is the most boring shit ever…

Good topic :clap: kudos. Personally I think it matters on the players and whats in stake than the chars played. If the gameplay from the player is predicable of course it gets boring. Plus is always good to see a gimick team/char. doing good in tourney play. Theres alot of factors what makes a match hyped or boring. But thats another topic