Born on a Monday - Solomon Grundy Thread

Solomon Grundy Discussion thread.

Most the info here is from Test Your Might, some of it is my own.

Note: Information from Test Your Might may include Mortal Kombat Terminology and some lingo you may not be familiar with.

All of Grundy’s frame data, chains and moves can be found here.

BnB Combos:
All of these combo’s can be found in the link below.
From Test Your Might.

113, F1~Trait Grab (Health Chain) or F13~Trait Grab (Heath) 33% or 35%
113, Step forward, 11~Trait Grab (Health) 35% and very easy to do
B1~Trait Grab (Health Chain) 36%
F13, F13~Trait Grab (Health Chain) or 11~Trait Grab (Health) 36% or 36%
F3, Ji2, 11~Trait Grab (Health) 39%
B3, Ji3, 11~Trait Grab (Health) 42%
D2, 11~Trait Grab (Health Chain) 27%
AA D2, B1~Trait Grab (Health Chain) 29%
Very AA D2, B3, Ji3, 11~Trait Grab (Health) 33%
D1~Dead Air 12%
Air to Air Trade, 11~Trait Grab (Health Chain)

1 Bar Midscreen:
112~EX Swamp Hands, Step Forward B3, Ji3, 11 Trait Grab (Health Chain) 52%

2 Bar Midscreen:
112~EX Swamp Hands, B3, B1~EX Dead Air, F13~Trait Grab (Health) or B1~Trait Grab (Health) 54% or 55%

3 Bar Midscreen:
112~EX Swamp Hands, Ji2~112(or B1)~EX B3, Ji3, 11~Trait Grab (Health) 58% or 57% w/ B1~EX B3

4 Bar Midscreen:
112~EX Dead Air, 2(or B1)~EX Swamp Hands, Ji2~112(or B1)~EX B3, Ji3, 11~Trait Grab (Health) 66% or 65% w/ B1~EX B3

Meterless Corner:
113, 1B2~ Trait Grab (Health) 38%
B13~Trait Grab (Health) 41%
F13, 1B2~Trait Grab (Health) 39%
D2, 1B2~Trait Grab (Heath) 30%
F3, Ji2, 1B2~Trait Grab (Health) 42%
Air to Air Trade, 1B2~Trait Grab (Health)

1 Bar Corner:
112~EX Swamp Hands, NJ3, 1B2~Trait Grab (Health) 54%

2 Bar Corner:
112~EX Swamp Hands, Jump-over2~B1~EX Walking Corpse, 1B2~Trait Grab (Health) 68%

Relevant Information:

List of solomon Grundy BnB’s from TYM.

Honzo Gonzo on how to properly execute Grundy’s Grab Chains.


Solomon Grundy General Strategies:

Solomon Grundy Space Control from Pakman - via TYM

This is Important because it gives us a general Idea on his standing reach and where we should be poking from.

Walking Corpse Cancels
Discussion on it here, but there is a lot of confusion in the thread:
One very Important tool Grundy has is the ability to cancel his walking corpse early.
To perform this, you must hit db after the initial start up of Walking Corpse, but before the grab, the timing is strict.

I was able to perform this with 100% accuracy by doing the sf motion for WC(hcf 3) the immediately doing a half circle back.

If you do this on a knockdown It apparently eats every wake up option in the game, due to the armor, allowing you to get a free combo.

Interesting Discussion on throw traps.

Solomon Grundy’s wake up options.

General Tips:

What should I be anti airing with?
Use d2 because it comes out in 8 frames and leads to grab.
Command Grab isn’t really necessary in most situations.

What should I be confirming/poking with?
Stand 1,1,2 Because you get a 4 way mix up after it, if it’s blocked high you can get do swamp hands or trait grab which still connects on block , if it’s blocked low you can do cleaver.
or you can walking corpse it for armor, or you can do nothing if they try to jump and anti air them.

F,1,3, similar mixup as above with a little range, trait grab connects on hit or block.

Stand 2, is a very strong poke, +frames on block, comes out fast and is cancellable.

Your fastest normal is 8 frames, d2.

**What High Low mixups should I be going for? **
B1 is an Overhead the cancels into grab, it’s kind of slow so it’s likely that you’d meaty it.
B1,3 Overhead to Low combos in to Health Chain for 41% in the corner, if it gets blocked do a Walking Corpse Cancel .
F1,3 Hits low and is easily confirmable, into grab, if it’s block it’s only -3, slow start up though. Trait grab will cancel and hit on block, so use it.
1,1,2(3) xx EX Cleaver hit’s overhead and stops any jump attempts.

Solomon Grundy Matchups: I will try to update this as they come, instead of misleading anyone into clicking a ton of empty spoiler tags.

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Great thread.

So can someone explain to me exactly how the buffs work for Grundy’s grab chains in detail? Not how to do them but what the actual buffs do. It might also be something good to place in the op.

Lessee…one ups damage, and the other two do something to his defense.

I thought one of them gives you armor, but I don’t think so now. No clue what the health buff does either. I’m assuming one buffs attack damage, one buffs defense, and the health one…? Not sure really.

The game says health reduces damage while defense reduces chip…That’s…kind of redundant.

Power Chain increases damage dealt.

Health decreases damage taken from raw hits.

Defense reduces chip damage.

I’m not sure on the amounts, but there are reports of almost 10x reduced chip damage on Defense Chain.

That being said, You will almost always use Health because of the amount of raw damage it does.

Updated the general strategy with a little info, please feel free to interject.

I’ve had some of my friends try the game out for the first time last weekend, and already they’re not liking my character choice :confused:
Hello, this is Goldymarg ~

I’d like to share some of my experiences and findings as I come across them, starting with a rather interesting grab mixup. I’ve found that if you add the grab chain at the end of certain normals and strings while they’re blocking, it’ll grab the opponent seamlessly anyway. It’s as if the grab completely ignores blockstun. Here’s a list of the normals and strings that’ll grab them:

1, 1, 2
d. 1
f. 1, 2
f. 1, 3
1, b. 2
b. 2, 3
f. 2, 2
d. 2
3, 2[/details]

I believe that’s all of them, so that’s all out of me for now. I’ll be lurking this thread later ~

I’ll be sure to test all that stuff out Goldymarg. Are these all tickgrabs? if so do you know how many frames they have to do something?

I fought my buddies Raven last night, very tough match up, her backdash is very quick but like most characters once you get on top of them, they have a hard time escaping.
Some advice vs Raven though, Don’t jump(even from full screen), unless you see something come out first.
You can Walking Corpse Cancel through her projectile and grab but be prepared to block, the recoveries on them seem very good.

Technically they’re tick grabs, but they’re abnormally fast. They can still be jumped and backdashed, but if no one’s ever seen it before, they’re most likely going to be hit by it. Honestly, the first time I saw it I thought it was guaranteed, considering it looks like part of the blockstring.

I don’t jump with Grundy; his air normals suck and it’s unusually floaty (at least for me). His dash covers enough distance. Also, I play online a lot, so naturally I’m running into tons of Deathstroke and Superman zoning. Once I block a projectile, I dash forward once and crouch block again. The same can be said about Raven spamming soul crush and whatever that pull thingy is when her trait is on. They’re good, but they still have recovery, lots of it.

As far as defensive options go, I’ve only been using walk grab and d. 2. D. 2 has been a good friend of mine, it’s got range like Aqua-broken’s d. 2, but not quite the priority. Batman can stuff it with j. 2 every single time. I’m thinking I should be using EX cleaver, since it covers so much distance…

this is more of a one time only set up, but after you connect with super, if you hold up towards and delay your jump 3 you get a really meaty ass cross up into a 1,1 trait, ive really only had 1 person block it across the few hundred people ive played online against, so its alright especially if you have the damage buff from the pain chain, then its like 40 some odd % from the super into more damage

When I was talking about raven’s recovery I was strictly talking about walking corpse, of course you can dash in but since it’s only -20 on block you won’t be hitting her unless you are already standing next to her.
Everything else has less -frames on block, so unless Grundy has a 10 frame or less grab you are forced in to a neutral position with her.

You could However if you were just out of jump range do ex cleaver if she throws a fireball, but she probably wouldn’t do that, or you can random it, but I’d rather WC or cancel it.

As for anti air’s you can do ex trait grab(armor), ex cleaver(armor), some of the problems you’ll have with d2 are characters with low jump arcs, so watch out for characters like nightwing who you can’t anti air at all with d2 when he’s in stick stance.

To be honest I haven’t used his AA grab much, does it get armor on ex?

If you get a meaty cross up like that with no meter, it’s better to do something like, 113 f1 trait, if 113 get’s blocked it’s +1 so it’s pretty safe.

there is no version of ex aa grab, but the grab alone starts up in 5frames so its going to anti air the sun and eat everything along with it

Some nice grundy gameplay for any who are interested

Hey Jak Thanks for posting that, nice to seem some Grundy matches around here.

Anyone else notice how fast Grundy builds meter, it feels like I’m using one bar every time I touch someone.

and at the same time you should look at their meter when you do a combo ending in trait, its like every part of the chain builds them 2/3rds of a bar

It’s not just that, building meter isn’t particularly hard in this game it seems. I mean, Aquaman’s EX hundred hand slap trident stab practically builds itself back up if they’re blocking. And yes, I do notice that my opponent always seems to have more meter when I’m throwing them v_v"