Borrowing Sticks at Majors


I was planning on attending ECt5 but now that they have changed the format of most of the games to xbox360 and I own a ps3 im kinda screwed. Is it easy to borrow sticks at majors to play a match or should I just buy another stick for a system i dont even own? (-_-)/


How many wrong forum posts am i going to field this week?

I dont know how easy it is. Maybe easier in pools.

Anyway, there are modders at every major now. Someone can mod your stick to be compatible on 360 as well, making you good to go anywhere you play.


I’ve borrowed a stick at every major I’ve attended in the last two years.


or just dual mod it yourself with a madcatz fightpad. Its brain dead easy.


Yeah this would go in Fighting Game Discussion, but as said above your best bet is to get the stick modded (easy at a major) so you can use your own stick consistently. I’ve borrowed some funky/bad sticks before at tournies and it’s something you can definitely do, BUT it’s taking a risk.


Seriously man just go to tech talk, read up on some things.

Get an imp and a madcatz fightpad - easiest

Get a dpdt switch and madcatz fightpad - best


Dual mod your stick or get another stick for each system to be ready for tournaments.

Have you ever traveled far for a tournament, just so you can borrow some random guys stick and find out mid match that it sucks and buttons don’t register or the stick doesnt dash right and it costs you your match or even gets you knocked out of the tournament? Not a smart idea. Bring your own.


Two SEs, first thing I did was button swaps and quickly followed that up with dual modding them

Shoot, I didnt even touch my Saulabi until it was dual modded. If you have an inkling about going to a tournament or a gathering, its the best thing to do.