BOSS #1 (Best of SOVA Series) 7/9/11 Hampton, VA

BOSS#2 (Not #1)

Super Street Fighter 4 AE (5$ entry)

1: Joe S (Fei Long)
2: Moose (Balrog)
3: HP Ryry (Viper/Yun)
4: Foomy (Guy)
5: D0N (Blanka/Cody)
5: K1(Bison)
7: Winback (Guile)
7: Ja (Vega/Bison)
9: Fuerte
9: OmegaSynn
9: Doza
9: Hatake Osawa
13: Talnius
13: Jinks
13: Eli
13: DBC
17: Aleri
17: SMP
17: Blackula
17: Meat Cat
17: Andrew Lane
17: Evid3ntz
17: Lewii
17: Zai
25: Robert V
25: Riken
25: Joe E
25: Gummo
25: Dsinnie
25: Andrew C
25: Wood
25: Titan
33: Fatal
33: Aint/Gangster
33: Tin
33: Ruben

MvC3 Singles ($5 entry)

1: Moose (Magneto/SheHulk/Tron)
2: D0N (Wesker/C.Viper/Sentinel & Arthur/Taskmaster/Haggar)
3: Winback (Chris/Amaterasu/Haggar)
4: HP Ryry (Storm/Magneto/Sentinel)
5: DragonCharlz (Wesker/Akuma/Pheonix)
5: Andrew C (Taskmaster/Doom/Haggar)
7: OmegaSynn (Wolverine/Taskmaster/Dormammu)
7: Troyboy (Sentinel/Ryu/Haggar & Wolverine/Sentinel/Pheonix)
9: Sen
9: Joe E
9: Foomy
9: Sucre
13: Aleri
13: Ja
13: SMP
13: Andrew Lane
17: Titan
17: Dsinnie
17: Black Dan
17: Comie
17: Mec-Virus
17: Unknown Enemy

Mortal Kombat 9 Singles (5$ entry)

1: HP Ryry (Kung Lao/Reptile/???)
2: Blackula (Ermac)
3: Zai (Ermac)
4: Gummo
5: Andrew C
5: Sucre
7: Young Money
7: Evid3ntz
9: Aint/Gangster
9: Vegeta
9: Andrew T
9: Hatake Osawa
13: SMP
13: Titan
13: Neo

Tekken 6 Singles (5$ entry)

1: BigWord
2: Paul Z
4: Blackula
5: Neo
5: Knock
7: Andrew T
7: SMP
9: HP Ryry
9: Titan
9: Andy Freak
9: Vegeta
13: Sho

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (Free entry)

1: Troyboy
2: Ja
3: Eli
4: Crimzon Wolf
5: Joe E
5: Aleri
7: Lewii
7: Unknown Enemy
9: Dsinnie
9: Hatake Osawa
9: SMP
9: Andrew C
13: Foomy
13: Winback
13: Zai
13: Wood

Thanks to everyone for coming out especially the guys from NoVA/Richmond. Also, thanks to those who helped clean up and keep things organized. Keep an eye out for BOSS #3! Possibly the Grand Finale!

Maybe some MvC & SF4 vids in a few days. I don’t know character usages for MK9 or Tekken 6 so if anyone wants to help me out I’ll update it. I think I got everything else right for the most part except maybe some SF secondaries/counterpicks.

Hosted by SMP, D0N, Omega Synn

Before the friendly SoVA trolls correct me, the title should say BOSS#2 but I don’t know how to change it… And I was tired but wanted to put results up before sleeping

No prob. Thanks for putting up the results tonight.

And thanks to all the Hampton/NN/Wherever guys who helped run this thing. Just as good as BOSS#0, if not better!

Greetings Sova

I just wanted to tell SMP and Omega Synn Thanks for hosting a great tournament!

and thanks to troy for calling the matches and neo for helping him, and smp for helping do it to when he could.

Lol at moose playing Joe first, then coming all the way back.

damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.

Having Troy around is like having a megaphone lol.

Despite that I showed up late and didnt enter anything beseides 3rd strike, this tourney was once again a complete success! ggs everyone! Time to revive 3rd Strike!

IS everything you post now gonna be about 3rd…if 3SO doesnt revive it nothing will, let it ride for fucks sake and see what happens.

Good shit to D0N SMP and OS for running a cool tourny
bad shit to me for playing like shit, YEAH!
Troy the Megaphone Wesley
in summary
Great Tournament Great Experience.

BRING BACK THIRD STRIKE!!! OE is comming out soon might as well bring it back now!

Great Tourney glad I could help with the calling of matches it was fun and I’ll do it again whenever you need me too.

Andrew C. - Good matches in MvC3 even though that game blows DICK! And you helped me to realize that lol

S.M.P. - Good matches in MvC3 Pheonix vs Pheonix was so HY…GAY! Also good 3S matches you must learn this game Fuck these other games

dsinnie - Your a best a 3S! Sorry the Grand Finals in 3S took so long I know you were hungry :wink:

Ja - Good Matches in Third Strike once again keep practicing and giving me that good comp.

Eli - We WILL revive 3S on this side of the water and hopefully the other. Hit me up whenever your trying to throw down on some 3S.

Foomy - Thanks for the easy win in MvC3 :wink: SCRUB!

D0N - Good match in MvC3 I almost had you you son of a …

RyRy - Always and forever will be a scrub. And I won 3S just for you buddy.

Aleri " I Don’t Play Third Strike But I Body Kids With Urien " XV - Learn this game and don’t suck at life.

Dude piledrive’d him into Aegis Reflector. Get nasty.

Nice tournament. Joe s is the real deal. Fei is sick

Good games to everyone. Hopefully next time I get higher than 5th… lol. But always good to see everyone, being that I don’t travel much at this time.

ggs everyone, well-ran tournament, and nice venue. nice seeing everyone again.

Nice tourney. Shout out to SMP and DON.

GS to my !A brother Joe S for taking the gold.

GS for Moose and Ry Ryyyy coming down, and Moose winning mahvel.

GS to Ry Ryyyy and Foomy for smacking me up in the tourney. Honorable mention DBC. Your footsie game has gotten better sir.

GGs to Doza, I still hate the mirror but I’m glad I got a chance to play you bro.

GGs to Everyone who I got to play, and if I haven’t yet hit me up on XBOX LIVE i’m in the lab mayne. Wasn’t happy with 5th place but meh that’s what I get for not practicing with my main char haha.

Also I like Jinks and Nick to finish top 5 next tourney, lego.