BOSS #3 (Best of SOVA Series) 8/6/11 Hampton, VA

Super Street Fighter 4 AE (5$ entry, 30 entrants)

1: Joe S
2: HP Ryry
3: Foomy
4: Winback
5: K1
5: Nightmare
7: Blackula
7: D0N
9: Randumb Cat
9: Spencer
9: Dsinnie
9: Aleri
13: Sean Miyagi

MvC3 ($5 entry, 21 entrants)

1: HP Ryry
2: Troyboy
3: Winback
4: D0N
5: Foomy
5: Unknown Enemy
7: OmegaSynn
7: Edwin
9: Pitzer

MK9 (5$ entry, 10 entrants)
1: HP Ryry (Kung Lao)
2: Blackula (Kenshi, Ermac)
3: Hatake Osawa (Scorpion)
4: Jon (Quan Chi, Reptile)
5. Curse (Reptile)
6. TH (Quan Chi)
7. Pitzer (Rain, Cyber Sub Zero)
8. Denzel (Mileena)
9. DJ Bankai (Noob, Baraka)
10. SMP (Kabel, Kung Lao)

Tekken 6 (5$ entry, 13 entrants)

1: HP Ryry
2: Blackula )
3: SMP
4: mr taxi
5: Mr.UF3
5: Neo

Third Strike (5$ entry, 13 entrants)
1: RyRy
2: Troyboy
3: Ja
4: Eli
5: dsinnie
5: Foomy
7: Denzel
7: Wood
9: Joe E
13: Unknown Enemy

Congratulations to Blackula for winning the TE Stick raffle. MK9 Pools are detailed because Blackula helped out and it was 1 pool. I do not feel like filling in the pool results for other tournaments right now.

Thanks to everyone who helped out and hope everyone enjoyed the BOSS series.

Wow. Can’t believe this is actually the last BOSS. Hard to grasp it all in like this. Hopefully there will be other tournaments around here for us locals that can make it to one. Who knows? I might be nice enough and think about hosting one somewhere in the near future. ^.~ Later all and it was great games I saw and good ones I had in Mortal Kombat.

Good Games everyone…Maybe once I fix my stick and have a Roundhouse button I will be able to take First :slight_smile:

I’ll be talkin with S.M.P. and setting some stuff up for future Tourneys and RanBats!

Shoutouts to everyone. Thanks for hosting. It was fun playing fellas. Keep this going guys!


Good stuff to Ryry, Joe S, Foomy, Troy and Blackula on their placings. Thanks to SMP and co. for running yet another great tournament and doing a sweet raffle for us poor pad players. Doing pools this time seemed weird at first but I think people ended up enjoying it (I know I did) and we got it done fast. I’ll be at the next one you all throw.

I wanna put more work into AE. I’m done with using any of my spare time on Marvel, shit is crazy. I’ll enter tournaments for it if I’m in the mood to blow some money away. Oh yeah I almost forgot: FUCK YOU, TRO—I mean WOLVERINE.

Thanks Nick.

Wolverine is crushing hopes and dreams all over the world LMFAO!!!

damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.